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If you’ve read us for any length of time, you know that our favorite litter box is the NVR Miss litter box.

When I adopted Ruby in 2011, I didn’t realize that I would be embarking on the search for the perfect litter box. Ruby was a vertical pee-er. I had never had one of those. My regular litter box wasn’t going to work any longer.

Vertical peeing is not the same as spraying. Spraying is usually done by male cats. When a cat sprays, he stands up, typically makes a treading motion with his back feet, quivers his tail and sprays urine onto a vertical surface such as a wall. Spraying is a marking behavior. Ruby started out squatting and peeing horizontally, but slowly and gradually raised her rear end throughout the duration of her peeing.

Say no to covered litter boxes

I never considered a covered box. While some cats seem to like the privacy they provide, covered litter boxes boxes are often too small for the cat to comfortably turn around in and do their business. What’s worse is that they can trap odors inside, making them very unpleasant for the cat to use (the equivalent of a human port-a-potty!) Dust can also be a bigger problem in a covered box, as it becomes more concentrated when cats dig.

A covered box prevents parents from seeing how the cat acts while in the box. Knowing what’s normal for your cat and being able to detect any changes in litter box behaviors can help detect health problems early. A cat who is straining in the litter box may be on the verge of being blocked, which is a life-threatening emergency.

The bottom line: in most cases, covered boxes are for humans, not cats.

The best solution: a roomy, open, high-sided litter box

I didn’t want to use a modified storage container. My litter boxes are out in the open, so they needed to look at least somewhat pleasing to my eye. I was thrilled when I discovered the NVR Miss in 2011. At 11.2 inches high, this was the highest uncovered litter box on the market at the time, and the simple, sleek design blends in well with any decor. Unfortunately, since the maker of NVR Miss is based in Canada, shipping costs have continued to increase over the years, putting the NVR Miss out of reach for many cat parents.

Since then, high sided litter boxes have been easier to find, but so far, noone else has made one as high as the NVR Miss. At 10 inches, the Frisco High Sided Litter Box comes close.


Frisco High Sided Litter Box features

At 24 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 10 inches high, this litter box is generously sized so even large cats can use it comfortably. Made from BPA-free recyclable plastic, this box is a good choice for eco-conscious cat parents. Slightly rounded corners make cleaning easy.

The litter box comes in navy and a taupe/grey color.

The Frisco High Sided Litter Box is available from

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11 Comments on Frisco High Sided Litter Box

  1. I’ve also used modified storage containers for litter boxes, however, I recently decided to go with a high sided, litter box. I opted for Nature’s Miracle high sided box over Frisco because NM has an extra inch height – 11 inches. It’s only available in one color though, black.
    So far so good, kitty is pleased. 🙂

  2. I checked out the Frisco which is $17.00
    And then there is one with a rim. 9 1/2 high. Is there an advantage to having a rim ?
    Shipping is free over $49

    Also looked at the NVR , which is available from a company in Tennessee,
    $36 plus $30 shipping to Maine..ouch.

    • It just depends on the cat. For a litter kicker, a rim might be nice. For a vertical peer, height is more important than a rim.

  3. I wasn’t talking about the cover on the litter box at all, I was addressing the height of the litter box for cats that stand to pee. Every cat that I have had for years that stood to pee could pee over the edge of the Never Miss litter box. I didn’t want other people to purchase a product that has missed its mark. Another inch or two in height would make all of the difference in standing cats but you can not find one to purchase, you have to make your own.

    • My response was to K’s comment, not yours, Jeanne. I agree that for some cats, even the NVR Miss isn’t high enough.

  4. I also bought the Never Miss litter boxes when I discovered them but every one of my cats through the years that stands up to pee ALWAYS pees over the top or edge of the box. I tried numerous times to contact Never Miss to ask if they could make one about 2 inches taller but they never gave me the courtesy of a response. 10 inches is just not tall enough either if 11.2 doesn’t get it.
    If you ever find a company that actually listens to its customers, please let me know. I have had cats for 40 years so I would know what works and what doesn’t. Never Miss only works if you have a small or short cat but those cats don’t need a Never Miss box. If you are marketing to the problem cats, then listen to your customers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. We had to create our own high sided box for Miss Lulu. She is a vertical peer too (and like you, I never had one, so this was all new). Since Lu has long legs and stands at her tallest to pee, we ended up using a covered box and cutting the top part out so it was open. It stand 17″ tall on the back side where she likes to pee and it seems to contain it, but she can get close to the top every once in a while.

  6. I have used NVR Miss litter boxes for years. Because of shipping and the cost of the NVR litter boxes, I started looking for an alternative and came across the Frisco High Sided box. My male Ragdoll requires a large litter box, so finding a box to fit him was a priority. Even though the Frisco box is not as high as the NVR box (neither of my cats vertical pee), it works perfectly for my 2. Neo has lots of room to move around until he finds his “spot”. In my opinion, the Frisco box is also sturdier than the NVR. The rim design allows it to be easily picked up. I highly recommend Frisco’s High Sided Litter Box.

  7. I completely disagree about the covered litter box. One of my boys pees so high in the litter box that if it weren’t for the cover, it would get on my wall and/or carpet. This isn’t speculation. One time I had the cover off to clean it, my boy decided to use the box. This is a very tall box and he still managed to get urine on the carpet. I can’t just have one of these since he uses all of them. My other 3 cats don’t mind the boxes either. Don’t discourage others from using something that might work for them just because you don’t like it or it didn’t work for you. Different households and cats have different needs.

    • My recommendation against covered boxes has nothing to do with whether I like them or not, and everything with feline behavior, as explained in this article. I’m glad they work for your cats, but they can cause a lot of problems for most cats.

  8. I use too have covered litter boxes til I realize the kids didn’t like it. My cats rather see who is coming!

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