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One of the first things cat parents notice when cats develop arthritis is a reluctance or even complete avoidance of jumping onto and off furniture. And when it prevents your cat from getting up on what used to be a favorite spot, it’s time to give them a little help.

The Frisco pet steps come with two different height options, 18.5 or 24.5 inches. You can assemble them as three steps or four steps. The faux fleece fabric is soft on paws and cozy enough for cats to cuddle up for a nap if they so desire. These stairs can help make access to beds, window sills, and other favorite spots easier for senior cats.


I actually considered buying these steps for Allegra when I added a mattress topper to my bed. At almost 13, it’s inevitable that she is developing some arthritis. She still jumps up on high places, but occasionally, I see her hesitate a bit.

The new mattress topper is only 2 inches high, but the first time she jumped up on the bed after I put it on, she clearly didn’t expect the extra height and struggled a bit to get all the way up. The second time she made the jump, she easily got up with a couple of inches of extra height clearance, so I’m holding off for now since she hasn’t had any issues since that first time.

The Frisco cat stairs are available from Chewy.

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