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For the first time in 13 years, a full moon will occur today, on Friday the 13th. What better time to hug a black cat for good luck?

I’m not superstitious, but I still find it fascinating how relatively rare it is for a full moon to fall on Friday the 13th. It last happened in 2006, and it won’t happen again until May 2033.

As for black cat superstitions, we know just how silly they are. The folklore surrounding black cats varies from culture to culture. In the United States and several European countries, having black cat cross your path is considered bad luck, while in the UK and Japan, it’s considered good luck. It even seems to make a difference from which direction the black cat comes from: In Germany, some believe that black cats crossing a person’s path from right to left is a bad omen, but from left to right brings good luck.


Click here for more fun facts about black cats.

So go hug your cats this Friday the 13th, whether they’re black or other colors, and get outside tonight to take a look at the beautiful Harvest Moon.

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  1. Cats were cats. They don’t know their fate and our superstitious beliefs and so. If you get a scratch from them, that’s not a piece of bad luck rather than your carelessness. My kitty is not black but I never missed to hug it every single day.

  2. I at one point in my life felt that Black cats were bad luck; even so much so, if one crossed my path I would turn around and go the other way, both by foot or in my auto. But since I’ve refined myself with new cat sense; I now know better! All cats are good luck, how could they not be, ‘right, right, says me!’

  3. I saw an ad on tv last night that angered me so…it perpetuates the black cat = bad luck myth. Black cats are the low cats on the adoption totem pole. They do not need this slanderous message blasted out to the masses. All of the 3 black cats I have had have been sweet souls (I have one currently). I am so fortunate to have had them in my life, along with all of their multi-colored siblings.

  4. Thank You Ingrid,.for let us know of fool moon on Friday the 13. to day! I have 3 black cats out of my 6th. and yes, i did heard this histories of black Cats since i was a child.but i never believed in bad luck. i love black cats. i certainly i’m going to hug them and give them a snack. Again Thank’s Ingrid! In did, It is a great day for black kitties to day … have a blessed day.

  5. I cannot hug ‘our’ black cat as she is a feral, but we did feed her this morning…her and Frankie, the tiger cat. As expressed, all cats are good luck! Oh, and our Tortie, SaraLee does not like to be hugged or picked up, but she will be petted several times today.

  6. We adopted Lucky, a beautiful black feral kitten about 4 years ago, and she is a joy to have! While she barks instead of meows, she love to talk wen she want extra attention of treats! We believe she is a good luck kitty!

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