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Forever Paws cover

I first came across Christine Davis’ books when a friend gave me a copy of For Every Cat an Angel after Virginia, my first office cat at the animal hospital I ran for eight years, passed away. That was ten years ago. To this day, the little book lies on an end table in my living room, a lovely reminder of a cat who took a little piece of my heart when she left, the way they all do. I have since given a copy of this little book, and of For Every Dog an Angel, to friends who lost beloved pets. Both books celebrate the love we have for our special pets.

And now, there’s a new book by Christine Davis, Forever Paws, a book that will help heal the heart after saying goodbye to a special friend. Just before Christmas last year, the author unexpectedly lost her beloved cat Dickens to a cancer no one even knew he had until a few hours before his passing. Chris had barely caught her breath when she learned that Dickens’ brother, her forever cat Pippin, also had cancer. He died a few days after Dickens.

The last thing Chris wanted to do after suffering so much loss so close together was to write another book. But she kept hearing the words “Remember what you are feeling – there’s another book to be written” over and over. Chris realized that the words were, as she put it, “a loving gift from my precious feline friends…a sort of cosmic ‘thump on the head’ to keep me on my path!” Cats have a way of doing that to us.

We’re all fortunate that Chris listened to her departed cats, because Forever Paws was born. The book is heart-touching and delightful. Even though I had tears flowing down my face as I was reading it, I also smiled through my tears and felt a sense of comfort and peace as I thought about the cats I lost. Feebee, Virginia, Amber, Buckley – all of them left their forever paw prints on my heart. Like Chris, I believe that one day, when my time on earth has ended, my cats will be waiting for me on the other side of the bridge, and, as Chris puts it, “our paw prints and hearts will be forever entwined.”

Chris offers this book “for any animal lover who is missing a  much-loved furry companion.  I hope you will be comforted by the vibrant colors and joyful critters – that’s what Dickens and Pippen showed me! On those days when you’re feeling lost, and the tears  won’t end, remember a gift  has been left on your heart  that will one day light your way back to the four-legged  friend who loves you.”

Forever Paws at the river

The book does that and so much more. The combination of Chris’ whimsical illustrations, like the one above, and her beautiful words, touches a place deep in your soul. And the cat magic provided by Dickens and Pippin just may fill in some of the holes our beloved cats leave in our hearts when they pass.

For more information about Forever Paws and Chris’ other books, please visit the Lighthearted Press website.

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