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Why do we love cats? Because they’re beautiful, smart, curious, playful and independent. These are just some of the reasons I thought of right off the top of my head.

Sandy Robins has taken answering the question a step further in her new book, For the Love of Cats: An A-Z Primer for Cat Lovers of All Ages, by offering up 26 reasons. Her alphabet covers interesting facts, anecdotes and clever verses, enhanced by Mark Anderson’s charming illustrations.

Among the interesting facts and anecdotes included in this cat alphabet:

  • There are an estimated 600 million cats in the world, making them the most popular pet.
  • Several cat-related holidays appear on the calendar, but National Cat Week falls in November annually.
  • A Cat’s yawn is a form of a greeting that can mean both hello and goodbye.

For the Love of Cats is entertaining and educational, all in a beautifully designed package. I found myself turning the pages slowly, savoring the combination of Sandy’s words and Mark Anderson’s drawings.

This book looks like an expensive coffee table book, but at $16.95 retail (and even less on Amazon), it makes a great last minute gift or stocking stuffer for the cat lover on your holiday gift list. If I didn’t already have this book, it would be on my wishlist for sure.

About the Authors:

Sandy Robins is an award-winning multimedia pet lifestyle expert and author of Fabulous Felines: Health and Beauty Secrets for the Pampered Cat. She is a popular TV and radio guest and her work appears regularly on as well as in various magazines. She is an adoring pet parent to cats Fudge and Ziggy. She lives in California.

Mark Anderson’s lively illustrations have landed in the pages of such magazines as Time, The New Yorker, National Geographic, and The Atlantic Monthly. And while his art is often used in Fortune 500 ad campaigns, Mark enjoys the energy and creativity of illustrating books. For the Love of the Cubs is a perennial favorite in his hometown of Chicago and has spawned more than 15 other books in the series. Mark’s wife, two children, and their rescued-in-a-rainy-park cat Mary are often his inspiration.

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31 Comments on For the Love of Cats by Sandy Robins: Book Review (2022 Update)

  1. I must admit I am a dyed in the wool dog lover, but I have a number of cat loving friends (one of whom is my daughter!) who would love this book for Christmas. Christmas is all about giving so if you give to me I will pay it forward to a book loving cat lover!

  2. I’d love to win this book, My Daughter is learning to read and I’m sure she’d love to read this one since we are such big cat lovers.

  3. I would love to recieve this book. I would read it to my two year old grandson to teach him all about cats. My three rescued kitties would probably be on my lap too for reading time. They love it when I read. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  4. I have had cats all my life and find I can not be without them. My entire family are dog people and have mostly Yorkies but I am the cat lover. I have had five at once but currently I have two. I am an avid reader and love to read stories that involve cats. Unfortunately I have been disabled for many years and have been fighting the system for an income, so purchasing any of my favorites has been difficult.
    I would love to own this book to read and reread, then I would donate it to the local Humane Society Auction to be helpful to those cats in need. (I try to do that with things of value I find).
    Thank you so much for offering this book to your loyal fans, I know whomever receives it will appreciate it as much as I would.

  5. A very special friend of mine is the epitome of “cat lover” and each year for Christmas I send her a cat-related gift. I would love to send her this book this year!!

  6. I have always loved cats. My parents bought me my first cat when I was 5 years old. A Siamese Blue Point we named Ming. He lived 18 wonderful years. I have never been without a cat and am now 51 years old. My husband and family said I am going to be a cat lady with 60+ cats when I get old and I don’t see a problem with that. I would be proud of it!

  7. If I win this book, I will donate it to McPaw’s Marketplace, our fund-raising gift shop at North County Humane Society in Atascadero, California. All proceeds will benefit the cats at this cage-free, no-kill shelter that promotes spay/neuter, microchipping, and responsible pet guardian ship.

  8. I would love to win ‘For the Love of Cats’, first because I love animal-related books as that is my business, but also because I could likely enjoy it myself before Christmas and then give it away to one of my cat-loving relatives, in which case the whole family will pass it around! Books are meant to be loved and shared, so thank you for hosting such a lovely giveaway!

  9. I would love to win a signed copy of ‘For the Love of Cats’ because there are is a clowder of calico cats on the cover. I collect calico cat themed books, jewelry, artwork, etc. This would also be a wonderful addition to my cat book library.

  10. I would love to win this book because I’ve had a bad day and I need something to pick me up! Driving home tonight, it seemed awful dark – well that’s because both headlights went out! No money to fix them either. I went upstairs to my apartment, and my cat Spike was sitting there waiting for me… ah… so much better. But even better if I had a good book to read..

  11. I would love to win this book because I love cats and would love to read it with my family as we laugh at our cat and her antics! It would be a great way to find more ways to appreciate our cat, and the holidays are a perfect time to read infront of the fire!!

  12. How adorable! They’re aloof, bizarre, crazy, devoted, eager, frenzied, glorious…sorry, I’m getting carried away. I used to have a bit of a collection of cat books, but I’ve given most of them away to friends over the years. These illustrations look delightful!

    And is that really true about a cat’s yawn? I thought it meant Emma was just bored with me.

  13. My very first cat is the cat that adopted me 10 years ago. I am learning something new everyday it seems. I truly would love this book as a way of knowing more about my kissy cat.
    Love & Hugs,

  14. I would love this book because it looks amazing. Love the illustrations! I have a fabulous collection of books on cats and this would be a perfect addition.

  15. I would like to win this book so I can share it with my nephew Ashton. He lives in a family of cat haters and I would like for him to have a positive look at cats and maybe be more open and have an interest in cats himself.

  16. As a lifelong ailurophile, I can never have enough informational or just plain beautiful, books that celebrate the beauty that is cats. I would give the book an honored spot in my home library. Thanks!

  17. The title “For the Love of Cats”….speaks to the love we all share. Would love to win such a book!! Thanks for the give-away, and congrats to the lucky winner.

  18. I’d love to win “For the Love of Cats” because, like your other commentators, I love and adore my six cats and they love and nourish my soul – me! Also, I’ve had a very hard year. I’ve spent it working on myself, getting close to being off of pain medications so I can go back to work, watching my youngest son prepare to move away, deciding (after long and careful thought!!!) that living by myself for the first time in my entire 40+ years is better for me than moving back in with my ex and finally, learning to love and accept who I am just the way I am.
    I haven’t made it back to work and will struggle to pay my bills this month, let alone buy Christmas presents. However, if I were to receive the book, I’d be able to share it with my grand babies, both of who love and adore my cats. I think we’d have a great time enjoying the words and the pictures!!! Time with my grandchildren, sharing such a beautiful book about kitties sounds like an amazing Christmas present to me, more than I’d ever imagine!
    Thank you! >^.^< Meowza!!

  19. I would LOVE to win this book because I LOVE cats and would LOVE to read it and share it with my cat loving friends.

  20. I would love to win this book, “For The Love of Cats” because I am the biggest “feline fancier” of all-time! My 23-year old (only child) Son swears that I love my 3-cats more than I love him. LOL
    Good luck to all the other “cat lovers” around!

  21. I also would like to win this book. It really looks like a good one especially for the illustrations. Thanks for the opportunity.

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