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I consider Sleepypod carriers the cadillac of cat carriers in terms of design, safety and ease of use. I also think the fact that they’re simply gorgeous is a big plus, as it will allow design-conscious cat guardians to make the Sleepypod a regular part of their living space, which will make life less stressful for cats when it’s time to get into the carrier.

But most importantly, Sleepypod puts your cat’s safety first when it comes to designing and developing carriers and other products.

The Sleepypod Safety Test Program

The Sleepypod Safety Test Program requires each Sleepypod product to meet the highest standards for safety in order to reduce your pet’s exposure to possible hazards. All Sleepypod carriers and harnesses are put through stringent safety tests. These tests include static material tensile testing and dynamic crash testing at the same standard set for child safety restraints. All tests are performed at accredited testing and research locations.

Crash Test Cat Cleo

Advanced crash test dummies

The Sleepypod team designs and builds its own crash test pets. They are correctly weighted, with sensors and monitors to determine the damaging forces on pets in car crashes. They then use the data collected from these crash test pets to create safer designs. After all, without data, pet safety is just a guess. Sleepypod’s third generation crash test pets are the most advanced crash test pets available.


Sleepypod saves lives

Sleepypod products have not only been tested in the lab, they have been tested in real life accidents.The Sleepypod website features a number of testimonials from pet parents whose pets survived collisions because they were buckled in with a Sleepypod carrier or harness. Their survival is the reason Sleepypod works so hard to design and test pet products for safer traveling.


Crash Replacement Program

Sleepypod will replace or provide a replacement discount on any pet carrier or safety harness damaged in an auto accident, regardless of the brand. The integrity of a pet safety restraint may be compromised during an auto accident, so it is critical to inspect a pet carrier or harness for damage before using it again.

Most awarded carrier

The Sleepypod mobile pet bed has gone on to become one of the world’s most awarded carriers, with awards ranging from TICA (The International Cat Association) to  Consumer Digest and Country Living magazine.

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  1. I agree, very nice product but was blown away by the price. Beautiful if you can afford it. My cats rarely have to travel to the vet so I’ll have to keep using the carrier they have which is also seat belted in so I feel it’s pretty safe.

  2. They definitely put a lot of thought into protecting our pets. All of my cats would have Sleepypod carriers if I could afford them.

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