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Numerous studies have shown that parents’ personalities influence their children, but until recently, nobody had looked at whether human personality impacts pets. A study conducted at the University of Lincoln and Nottingham Trent University investigated the relationship between the different personalities of cat parents and the behavior and well-being of their feline family members.

The link between human personality and feline well-being

Researchers surveyed 3,331 cat owners in the UK. They asked the cat guardians about their own personality traits and about the health, well-being and behaviors of their cats. The results: cats tend to display characteristics similar to the personality traits of the humans they live with.

For example, cats who lived with humans who were considered highly neurotic tended to more likely to have behavioral issues, be overweight, or be aggressive and fearful. Cats who lived with highly organized, conscientious and self-disciplined humans were less likely to be fearful, aggressive and aloof.

The researchers also found that the number of cats someone owned was related to personality. People with multiple cats tended to be more introverted, less agreeable, and less neurotic, but they also tended to be more conscientious.

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Take the study results with a grain of salt

While I don’t doubt that our personality, and even more importantly, our energy, has a direct impact on our cats’ health and behavior, there are some inherent limitations to this study. For starters, the study didn’t look at why there was a link between human personality and feline well-being. And while they surveyed a large number of people, they only surveyed five personality traits, and that’s certainly not enough information to determine just how much a cat parent’s personality influences a cat’s well-being.

What I find far more interesting is that this study does highlight how sensitive cats are to their environment. Numerous studies have shown that human stress has a direct impact on feline health. I certainly notice a difference in Allegra and Ruby on days when I’m rushed or stressed about something. They tend to be less relaxed, and may even act out a little. Conversely, they calm down much more quickly after a stressful event if I remain calm and unaffected.

Cats as teachers

And since I believe that cats come into our lives to teach us, perhaps, this is yet another way they try to help us become better humans. After all, what better motivation to change an aspect of your personality you may not be entirely happy with than knowing that it will improve your cat’s well-being?

Do you feel that your cats reflect your personality traits?

You can read the full study results here.

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  1. I think cats reflect our personalities more than dogs do. Dogs resemble their owners but don’t act like them. Even though each cat is unique in their own special way; I believe that no two cats are alike. Cats aren’t copy cats, if one cat sees another cat performing a stunt, etc. the other cat may do a similar act, however, it’ll be in his/her very own unique way. Cats are special G d created creatures.

  2. I have three cats, all with very different personalities, perhaps each one has adapted different aspects of my personality but I do have a deeper connection with the one that I feel is my “soul mate”. That connection is one words cannot explain, ,Although I have had many beloved cats throughout my 60 year journey, this one is truly special, perhaps she actually reflects more of what I wish I saw in myself?

  3. I must have a multi-facited personality, and need lots of teaching, because I have 10 cats! Lol..I love them all so much..They are comfort and joy to me..I have the shy, and the bold..the laid back and the pushy, the smart and the “Duh me?”, the studious aloof loner and the playful silly congeniality, long and short fur and every color..Thank you God..

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