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When we ran our recent giveaway for five Cattystacks designer cat climbers, Conscious Cat reader Becky told me about the box building challenges she and her husband hold, much to the delight of their four cats. She said the giveaway inspired her to build a new and bigger box tower for her cats.

Becky is a mechanical designer who says she’s known for taking various size boxes home for her kitties. After all, what cat doesn’t love boxes? But Becky and her husband took the whole box thing one step further, and decided to hold contests to see who can create the most loved box designs. The judges, of course, are their four cats. The sky’s the limit on the construction; the only restrictions are that the boxes must be cardboard , and they must be held together with grey duct tape.


Becky makes sure that her designs are well constructed to hold the cats’ weight so the third tier doesn’t collapse. “However, my husband’s designs almost always win!” says Becky. But regardless of who wins, “the kitties love all the various designs we have come up with and enjoy their occasional new homes.”


Becky has learned from her projects that heavy-weight cardboard is critical. She recommends taping the back and sides of the boxes as well, not just the front. Smaller boxes support the weight better. Becky always puts hers next to a wall as they can easily tip over. “Luckily, the cats are steady on their feet and compensate well,” she says. “My older cats know enough to stay clear.

Are you inspired to build your own climbing wall for your kitties?

If you need even more inspiration, check out this video about the “Rufus Tower.” Rufus’ dad felt bad for Rufus because he had to give him ear drops to treat a painful infection, and every time he came home, Rufus would run from him. So he wanted to do something for Rufus to make him feel better, and built this amazing tower.

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