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I received a lovely surprise in the mail the other day: one of these lovely DIY Cat Ornaments from The 5050 Company. The artist behind this company is Matt Glick, husband of Jen Glick aka Volana Kote, the creator of the beautiful whisker jewelry you’ve seen featured here on The Conscious Cat.

The 5050 Company offers wonderful black and white original illustrations and prints. Matt also does beautiful custom pet portraits.

DIY Cat Ornament details

The DIY cat ornaments come as pre-cut and folded pyramids. They’re super easy to assemble.


Each ornament measures 4”x 4”x 3.5” and includes directions and a hanging loop. All you need to add are a drop or two of glue. I used a paper glue stick for mine.


The ornaments come in a variety of colors and will be shipped at random.

I love this ornament so much, and I especially love that for the minute or two it took me to put it together, I found myself transported back to childhood memories of making ornaments with my parents.


The DIY Cat Ornaments are available from The 5050 Company Etsy Shop.

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  1. I can’t seem to find them on their site. I looked through all they have. Wanted to get one for our tree.

  2. Hi, I know what I’m going to comment about happened a while ago, but it was your Thanksgiving post when you said you kept a gratitude journal. I’ve tried to start one, but I only last for a few days. Any tips on how to keep up the habit, till its second nature?

    Looking back in a gratitude journal on my bad days would really help lift my mood like you wouldn’t believe.
    Thanks Ingrid. Your info about cats and other things have helped me with my balls of fuzz at home.

    • Like any new habit, it takes discipline initially to do it every day, Sarah. I think it helps to focus on how much better you feel on the days when you do it, and eventually, you’ll probably miss it when you don’t do it. Also, don’t make it hard for yourself to do. Have the journal in a spot where it’s easily accessed so you don’t forget (mine is on my coffee table.) I’ve found with most new habits, it does take about a month to get into a groove where it just becomes second nature. Good luck!

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