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We are big fans of Darwin’s raw food. it’s currently one of Allegra and Ruby’s favorite foods. You can read our review of Darwin’s here. Today, I’d like to introduce you to a unique offering in the raw food market: Darwin’s Intelligent Design™, a prescription diet for cats with kidney disease.

The right diet for cats with kidney disease

There’s so much misinformation out there about what cats with kidney disease should eat. Many conventional vets will recommend a prescription diet such as Hill’s k/d for cats who show even a slight deviation of normal kidney values. That’s because there are research trials – may of them sponsored by the very companies that sell these diets – that have shown that restricted protein diets can prolong renal function. However, there is much more to feeding a cat with compromised kidney function than simply restricting protein. In fact, protein restriction may not be indicated until the very final stages of the disease. Until then, the consequences of making poor dietary choices in these cats can be dire.

There is no single diet that is right for all cats with kidney disease

Multiple factors are important when it comes to diet for cats with kidney disease. Moisture is critical. A good diet for these cats should contain additional potassium, reduced sodium and phosphorus levels, and increased omega-3 fatty acid levels. Since protein restriction impacts healthy body condition, a good diet for these cats should contain high quality protein. When protein is inadequate, cats start to loose muscle mass. Feline veterinarian Elizabeth Colleran explains in detail what cats with kidney disease should be eating, and it may not be what your vet is telling you.

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Darwin’s Intelligent Design™ Kidney Support Formula

Darwin’s offers a specialized formula designed to provide extra support to cats facing kidney disease. These highly palatable and nutritious meals use only hormone-free, antibiotic-free, and pesticide-free meats, with no grains, added fillers or chemical preservatives. Key benefits of this diet include

  • Appropriate protein levels
  • Restricted Phosphorus
  • Included natural Phosphorus binder Chitosan
  • Increased calcium levels (minimize P absorption)
  • Enhanced long chain Omega 3 Fatty Acids for glomerular health
  • Increased Vitamin B levels to replace those lost in the urine
  • Added Botanicals and Extracts

Darwin’s Intelligent Design™ Kidney Support Formula requires a prescription from your veterinarian.


For more information, visit Darwin’s website.

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