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Do your cats like to snuggle under blankets or comforters? Do they like to sleep partially covered? Jackson Galaxy calls these cats “cavers*.” These are the cats who will often find a space in a closet or under the bed, and you may not see them out and about as much as other cats. It’s important to provide alternate, safe spaces for these kitties so they can cave in comfort.

We have two cat beds for you that will make your caving kitties purr!

The Suede Burrow Bed from Majestic Pet Products (pictured above) is the purrfect place for your cats to curl up. The soft faux suede material allows your cat to snuggle into the bed just so, and the lush sherpa interior will keep her nice and cozy. The bed is generously sized at 17″L x 17″W x 15″H, and is sure to please even the most discerning kitties.


The Suede Canopy Bed from Majestic Pet Products offers the same concept in a different design. The super soft base of this bed will make for a comfortable sleeping spot, while the partial cover provides additional warmth and a sense of security. This bed is slightly larger than the Burrow Bed at 18″L x 18″W x 16″H. It, too, is machine washable in cool water with a mild detergent.

The beds are available in our Conscious Cat Store*.

*If you have a cat who is a caver, Jackson Galaxy wants to hear from you!

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9 Comments on Cozy Cat Beds for Cats Who Are Cavers

  1. HELP! My kitty has made a bed for herself in the boxspring of my bed. Before that, she used to sleep on the dresser, in, next to, or under the bed. I taped up the hole she made, but it is just a matter of time before she does something else enterprising. Any suggestions?

    • I would block access to underneath the bed, and offer her alternate beds like these in “appropriate” places so she has better options that still meet her need to “cave.”

  2. I have a cat that would love either one of these beds but he is most definitely, NOT, what I would call a caver. He likes to crawl under or wrap himself up in blankets or laundry and will flip the cat beds upside down and sleep under them. But, he is a super active, very high energy 1 year old that likes to go vertical. Anything that isn’t tied down is subject to getting knocked down and/or broken if he can reach it. I read Jackson’s book and catified, I have toys and tunnels everywhere and I play with him 3-4 hours a day and it’s still not enough. Interactive puzzle toys are not an option because he gets easily bored. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Wow, your boy is a high-energy kitty, Jean! The only thing I can think of that you haven’t done is getting him a kitty treadmill!

  3. Pierre is definitely a caver. I like how this combines a cat bed with sides and the blanket-like top. Pierre tends to end up unerneath his sherpa kitty cozy rather than in its pocket, and this would solve that.

  4. I have two kitties that are cavers. Mine love blankets or beds like that and I have one that will even hide under the couch cushions. LOL.

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