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Adult coloring books have been quite the rage for some time, and it’s a trend I can really get behind. Coloring is more than just a fun way to pass the time. Studies show that the structured, rhythmic motion of coloring eases you into a meditative state, which allows you to push negative thoughts and worries out of your mind, and which induces a profound sense of relaxation. Coloring is also a great way to explore your creativity. Spending 15 minutes coloring an image can give you a sense of having accomplished something beautiful, and that can carry over into other parts of your life.

I don’t spend nearly enough time coloring, but of all the coloring books I’ve tried, Color Cats by Margaret Gates Root, the founder of the Feline Nutrition Foundation, has remained my favorite. Earlier this year, Margaret published Color Cats Book Two: Kitty Tales, featuring twenty-five fun new drawings of cats. The drawings are presented as single-sided images in landscape view, with the binding at the top of the images, so they’re suitable for right or left-handed colorists, and there’s no binding to get in the way.


So break out your gel pens or colored pencils, and start coloring. And if your kitties are anything like Allegra and Ruby, they’ll want to get in on the action.



Color Cats Book Two: KItty Tales is available from Amazon.

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9 Comments on Color Cats Book Two: Kitty Tales

  1. Cats and coloring books fit together very well, I discovered. Whenever I start coloring, a certain feline individual will appear eventually near me and inquire delicately:”What are you doing ?” But it is always done in a very somber way.
    It looks not unlike that – Maybe I should use some more exciting themes, like chasing and climbing –
    By the way, I like how your cat is sniffing those gel pens. Is that Allegra or ruby ?

  2. Hello!
    I’ve also heard that coloring can be very helpful. Just as you mentioned, it’s a type of stress reliever, which we all need from time to time. Great read! Thank you for sharing with us.
    Take care,

  3. Very timely! I was just sitting and coloring in one of my cat coloring books (a new favorite hobby of mine), last night. Don’t have these. Now, next time….I want to see YOUR pages that YOU colored (wink)

  4. I got a cat coloring book but there was too much detail in the background. I like the way this ones looks.

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