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Dulcie Schwartz, her cat Esme, and the spirit of her departed cat, Mr. Grey, are back! In Code Grey, the ninth installment in Clea Simon’s Dulcie Schwartz mystery series, featuring the Harvard graduate student, it’s spring break, but Dulcie has stayed behind to continue to work on her doctoral thesis about a mysterious 19th century author of two gothic novels. Most of her friends have left Cambridge, even her boyfriend Chris is visiting his family in New Jersey.

You would think that perhaps, given the lack of distractions, Dulcie would finally finish her thesis, but after eight books, we know better. Dulcie once again becomes involved in a police investigation after a former student and scholar is found injured, with a valuable missing book in his arms. When Jeremy becomes the prime suspect for a series of break-ins, Dulcie refuses to believe that the former scholar had anything to do with them. As she tries to find proof that he is innocent, she discovers a connection between the book he was holding to her own thesis.

With each installment in this series, Simon ratchets the intricate plot lines up a notch, and I found this one very hard to put down. The cat references are plentiful, with Esme and the spirit of Dulcie’s departed Mr. Grey both helping Dulcie along the way. This is another thoroughly enjoyable book in a series that just keeps getting better and better. As with all of Simon’s book, she provides enough back story so the books can be read as a standalone, but why deprive yourself of the fun of reading the entire series?

Clea Simon is the author of 17 mysteries and three non-fiction books, including The Feline Mystique – On the Mysterious Connection Between Cats and Their Women. For more information about Clea, please visit her website.

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