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For every one of our spoiled house cats, whose biggest problem may  be where to find the nearest sun puddle, there’s another cat who has to fend for herself. These feral cats, also knows as community cats, often go unnoticed, and if it wasn’t for dedicated caregivers who feed and care for these cats, often at great personal sacrifice, these cats would be even worse off. Catnip Nation, an hour long documentary, will explore the dichotomy between our beloved pet cats and the cats who live on the streets.

Created by socially-conscious, award-winning journalist, author, and filmmaker Tina Traster, and award-winning writer, editor and producer Lennon Nersesian, this film will take an in-depth look at the unsung and often unseen heroes who care for feral cats. You’ll meet Stony Point resident Andrea LeResche, who climbs into a tangled copse to feed a colony of cats every day, no matter the weather. You’ll be introduced to Ken Salerno, a one-man cat whisperer who makes frequent visits to a New Jersey sanctuary, where he has relocated more than 60 beach cats who would have been rounded up from under the boardwalk in Seaside Heights and taken to shelters, or killed.


The documentary explores how it truly “takes a village” to not only care for these cats, but also overcome adversity, which can range from angry neighbors and misguided animal control officers to politicians and developers. You’ll get to know the characters throughout the documentary, and you’ll learn why they do what they do, and how they sustain themselves through such adversity.


The filmmakers are hoping that Catnip Nation will change hearts and minds on this important topic. They are hoping that the documentary will inspire cat lovers to help ignite a grassroots movement demanding a humane solution for feline homelessness.


Catnip Nation launched a crowdfunding campaign to make this documentary a reality. For more information about the film, visit

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