Review: Be Forever Furless Brush


When you share your life with cats, cat hair is a fact of life – and one that most of us embrace proudly. But it also means that most of us are constantly on the lookout for products that help us combat cat hair, whether it’s on clothes, bedding or furniture.

The Forever Furless Brush® is an interesting new addition to the hair removal product market. Featuring short nylon bristles and an ergonomic handle, the Be Forever Furless® is designed to pick up cat hair and household lint.  It can be used on clothing, furniture, bedding, carpets and anywhere else where there’s fur.Continue Reading

Review: Greeting Cards from Blue Turtle Studio


In this age of digital greeting cards, it’s always nice to send or receive a “real” card in the mail. I love browsing greeting cards, and I frequently pick up cat cards even without knowing who or for what occasion I’m going to send them. I like to always have a supply on hand.

And sometimes, cat greeting cards are more than just greeting cards: they’re small works of art. This is the case with the cards from Blue Turtle Studio. They’ve been producing handmade cards for the last 17 years. While they’ve moved on from hand cutting each design to utilizing computer design and laser printers, their cards have maintained the appearance of handmade cards.Continue Reading

Allegra and Ruby Love Taffy Rolls


Allegra and Ruby are big fans of all of the Hauspanther toys, and they were more than happy to test their newest offering: Taffy Roll Cat Toys. Are these too cute or what! These bouncy little toys are made with colorful soft fleece. They’re the perfect size for tossing and batting around. They’re lightweight and the ends are easy to grab, making it super easy for kitties to fling them all over the place.

Allow Ruby to demonstrate for you in the video below:Continue Reading

Review: Only Natural Pet EasyRaw Turkey and All Meat Freeze Dried Chicken Treats


Three weeks ago, I introduced you to Only Natural Pet, a Colorado-based online retailer of natural pet products. While I’ve been a customer of ONP pretty much since its inception in 2004, I never actually tried any of their own products. I had a chance to select a few products for review, and today, I’d like to share my, and Allegra and Ruby’s opinion, of two of them with you.Continue Reading

Weruva Review: Cat Food Good Enough to Eat


If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know that I’m passionate about species-appropriate nutrition for cats. Cats are obligate carnivores, and they need meat not only to survive, but to thrive. The optimal diet for a cat is a properly formulated raw, home-cooked or grain-free canned diet.

I maintain a small list of recommended brands on this site. The foods on this list are foods I either currently feed to Allegra and Ruby, or have fed to them in the past. This list is not meant to be exclusive, and it does not mean that there aren’t other really good diets out there. It means that these brands are the ones I’m comfortable with after doing thorough research. Brands can’t pay to get on this list – you’ll only see brands that I trust on the list.*Continue Reading

Scratch Lounge Review: A Unique Cardboard Scratcher


One of my favorite products at Global Pet Expo was the Scratch Lounge. I was delighted when the company sent us one to review – and so were Allegra and Ruby!

The Scratch Lounge is a good size, sturdy cardboard scratcher. The unique, patented three-sided design lets cats scratch to their hearts’ content, but it also gives them an alternative place to nap.

It didn’t take my two little product testers long to decide that the Scratch Lounge was a welcome new addition to our home. Continue Reading

Review and Giveaway: Simple Solution 30-Day Litter


There were a lot of innovative new cat litters at Global Pet Expo, from alternative litters made from corn, recycled paper and walnuts to more environmentally friendly and lighter weight clay litters. One of the most intriguing new litters I saw was the new Simple Solution 30-Day Litter.

I’m well aware of the controversy around clay litter, but I’ve found that many cats don’t like the alternative litters. And no matter how much the human “in charge” may like the idea of these more environmentally friendly litters, ultimately, the cat calls the shots!

Simple Solutoin 30-Day Litter is a clay litter, but unlike traditional bentonite clay litters, Continue Reading

Is Your Cat’s Vet a Superhero?


In my book, veterinarians are heroes. I don’t know another profession where one person functions as your pet’s general doctor, anesthesiologist, surgeon, radiologist, internist, as well as small business owner, employer, and spokesperson for those who can’t speak.

Medical Arts Press, a company that specializes in providing office supplies, filing supplies, postcards, furniture and more for veterinary and physicans’ practices, believes that vets are heroes, too. They believe it so much that they’re sponsoring the “My Vet is a Superhero” contest.Continue Reading

MeowSpace Solves Feeding and Litter Box Problems in Multiple Pet Households


Do you have a bully cat who won’t let your other cats eat in peace? Does one of your cats need a special diet?  Does your dog eat your cat’s litter box deposits? If you’re dealing with these issues, you’ve probably wondered why nobody has invented something to solve the problem. Well, now somebody has.

Casey and Berdell Moffett-Chaney and their son Corey Bruesch invented MeowSpace® after getting frustrated with their two family cats, Mitchell and Flopsey. Flopsey was becoming overweight because she would bully Mitchell away from his food. Mitchell, who is a grazer, was losing weight. They came up with the ideaContinue Reading

Review and Giveaway: Love in a Box from MeowBox


Editor’s Note: As of August 2015, has closed – please go to for more information. If you are looking for a cat subscription box, go to

I believe that there’s no such thing as a cat who is too spoiled, and thanks to MeowBox, now there’s a whole new way cat guardians can spoil their feline family members. Meow Box is a monthly subscription service. Each month, your kitty will receive a box filled with toys, treats, gadgets, accessories, and more.

I loved the blue and white box everything came in. I’ll be reusing it as a gift box. The girls were more excited about what was inside. Content varies from month to month. Our box  revealed a Kong Wubba toy, which is a big hit with Ruby, an Up Country catnip mouse, which came in a super cute cylinder package, a Kong Zoom Groom grooming tool, two bags of treats, and an adorable cat-shaped cookie cutter. I thought Continue Reading

PawNatural Shopping At Only Natural Pet: Cat Products You Can Trust


I’ve been a customer of Only Natural Pet for the last ten years. Few online retailers provide such a large variety of products that don’t just feature a “natural” label, but actually live up to the claim.

Only Natural Pet was founded in 2004, when CEO Marty Grosjean realized that if he thrived on a natural life, why wouldn’t pets thrive, too? Since then, the natural pet product sector has been growing exponentially, and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon. Unfortunately, “natural” is frequently just a marketing term, and the ingredients of many so-called natural products don’t live up to the fancy language on the labels.Continue Reading