Review: Vesper V-Lounge


I have previously raved about the new Vesper-V line of cat furniture from Hagen – It’s quite possibly the most beautiful line of cat furniture I’ve seen, and I see a lot of cat furniture. We reviewed the V-Base back in April, and it gets used daily by Ruby or Allegra. We were thrilled when Hagen sent us the V-Lounge for review.

This beautifully designed elevated bed is made out of shaped poplar wood with a walnut stain.Continue Reading

Pretty Litter Can Detect Health Issues Early


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Pretty Litter is a new low-cost, lightweight litter that can detect common feline health issues early. This scoopable and flushable litter is dust-free and eco-friendly.

Pretty Litter is currently in development. They are researching advanced features to provide the most comprehensive disease detection litter product on the market. Once the product is formulated, it should include detection of urinary anomalies, toxoplasma gondii, diabetes and more.Continue Reading

Giveaway: Cat Lady Box


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We have a super fun giveaway for you today! There are a lot of pet gift box subscription services out there, but most of them are for pets. Cat Lady Box is the first-ever monthly subscription box for women who love cats.Continue Reading

Introducing Nuzzle: More Love, Less Worry


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I can’t imagine anything more heartbreaking than a cat getting out of the house and going missing. I’m a firm proponent that all cats should be indoors, but I also realize that keeping cats indoors can be a controversial topic. But even with indoor only cats, accidents happen, and a cat may slip out and disappear.

With the advent of GPS tracking collars, finding a lost pet has become much more likely than it ever was before.Continue Reading

Vesper Cat Furniture Now Widely Available


The Vesper Cat Furniture line from Hagen is quite possibly the most beautiful line of cat furniture I’ve seen, and I see a lot of cat furniture. We reviewed the V-Base model earlier this year and gave it our sought after Conscious Cat Seal of Approval. The girls use this gorgeous piece of cat furniture every single day. When we wrote the review, Vesper was still a little difficult to find, but it is now widely available. Continue Reading

Review: Felix Katnip Tree Company Scratching Beam


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Scratching is a natural behavior for cats. Cats scratch to groom their claws, the scratching motion helps remove dead sheaths from their front claws. They scratch to mark their territory. Their front paws contain scent glands, and scratching leaves behind their unique signature on the object being scratched. They scratch for exercise; scratching stretches the muscles in the front legs and all along the back. And they scratch simply because it feels good. Continue Reading

Friskies® Pull ‘N Play: Cat Toy and Treat Design Fail


I get multiple requests to review toys and treats almost every day. The majority of these requests are for clever, innovative and fun designs, and I share the ones that I think you’d be most interested in on this site. Every once in a while, I get a request to review a toy that just doesn’t look good to me, so I politely decline, and that’s the end of that. Reviews, by their very nature, are always in part opinion: just because I don’t like something doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not a good product. Continue Reading

Review: Fresh Wave Odor Eliminators


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I’m always interested to learn about safe and effective household products, and was intrigued with Fresh Wave, a line of odor-removing products has been around for over 20 years. According to the company, Fresh Wave has been made with natural ingredients since long before natural products became popular. Their products are used in such places as wastewater treatment plants, paper mills,and refineries. I would imagine that if they can work in tough spots like that, they would probably do just fine around pet odors and other challenging odors around the home.Continue Reading

Katris Modular Cat Scratching System Now Available with New Covers


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Katris, the unique modular scratching system that you can arrange in endless configuration to please yourself and your cats just got even better. Remember the computer game Tetris? You get the idea.

The makers of Katris believe in modern design that is functional as well as eco-friendly. The 5 different shaped scratchers are created with top grade 100% natural recyclable cardboard, made from 90% post-consumer materials. They use non-toxic glue, and they’re extremely durable – something I can certainly attest to.Continue Reading