Review: Dr. Catsby’s Bowl for Whisker Relief

Why is this bowl empty?

Have you noticed your cat pulling food out of the bowl, throwing it next to the bowl, and then proceeding to eat it? Perhaps your cat uses her paw to “fish” food out of her food bowl? Does she constantly demand food even though her bowl is half full? Does she consistently finish only part of her meal? If you notice any of these signs, your cat may be experiencing whisker stress.Continue Reading

Review: Bavarian Cat Toys


The image above caught my eye on Twitter not long ago. It instantly transported me back to childhood vacations in the Bavarian and Austrian Alps. I had to investigate further! I was intrigued to discover that Bavarian Cat Toys contain valerian root, which, according to their website, has a smell cats can’t resist.Continue Reading

Special Discount for Conscious Cat Readers: Get 15% OFF Any Cat Tree from Pet Tree Houses


Cat trees are a must have for indoor cats. They satsify cats’ need to climb, they provide a great view of the outdoors if placed near a window, and they offer an outlet for cats’ natural instinct to scratch. Cat trees are especially important in multicat households, giving cats opportunities to share territory on more than one level, without bumping into each other and creating possible altercations.Continue Reading

10 Best Cat Products of 2015


I see a lot of new products each year. Between what I saw at Global Pet Expo in March, and the dozens of products that were sent to me over the course of the year, it’s probably safe to say that I’ve seen thousands of pet products in 2015. Allegra and Ruby have been busy helping me review many of them for you throughout the year. With so many products, it’s really hard to choose only 10 favorites, but with the help of my two product testers, we’ve come up with this list (presented in the order that we reviewed them).Continue Reading

Last Minute Holiday Shopping Ideas for Cat Lovers


How is your holiday shopping coming along? If you’re already all done and ready to wrap, good for you! I bet your kitties are standing by, eager to help with all the wrapping, which surely is a cat’s favorite part of the holidays. What’s not to like: boxes, paper, ribbons (just be careful, never leave cats unsupervised with ribbon. If a cat ingests ribbon, it can lead to a life-threatening intestinal obstruction.)

But for those of you who still need a little help, here’s a round up of some last minute shopping ideas for you.Continue Reading

Review and Giveaway: UJI Tunnel System


This giveaway is sponsored by Neko Flies

From the makers of the super popular Neko Flies cat toys comes the new U J I Tunnel System. With its three unique interlocking shapes, cat guardians can make over 20 different configurations to keep cats fully entertained and happy. The system can accommodate different size rooms and play areas.

The tunnels are made from a super soft plush curdoroy fabric.Continue Reading

Catit Oasis Review: The Ultimate Kitty Playground


This review is sponsored by Catit and contains affiliate links*

I’ve always loved the Catit line of cat products. The folks at Catit really know what cats like, and how to keep them engaged and challenged. They’ve outdone themselves with the new Oasis Kit: this collection of products has something for every cat’s preference, ranging from products to enhance play, eating, drinking and relaxing.Continue Reading

Meowy Christmas T-Shirts: Two Additional Designs Available


You asked for it, we listened: we are happy to be able to offer our Meowy Christmas T-Shirts in two additional designs!

The shirts are available in three different designs as a unisex crewneck sweatshirt, heavy blend hoodie, long sleeve T, and short sleeve T. All styles are available in your choice of several colors. But hurry, orders will only be accepted through Thursday, December 10!Continue Reading

Black and White Cat Accessories to Brighten Up Your Bathroom


This post contains affiliate links*

Since my recent post about cat kitchen accessories was such a huge hit with all of you, I thought I’d round up some cute bathroom accessories for you. After all, we spend a good bit of our time in the bathroom, and we all know that our cats do, too, since most of us probably can’t remember the last time we didn’t have feline company in the bathroom.Continue Reading