Review: PetFusion Ambush Interactive Electronic Cat Toy


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The last time Allegra got excited about an electronic toy was almost nine years ago when I got the Cat’s Meow toy for Allegra and Ruby for Christmas. Since then, she just hasn’t show much interest in these types of toys, preferring interactive wand toys, puzzle toys, or small toys that can be tossed. I was curious to see  how she would react to PeFusion’s Ambush toy.Continue Reading

Tortoiseshell Cat Earrings


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How pretty are these earrings!

Handmade to order from faux leather, these earrings are super lightweight. They are approximately 2 inches long, 1.5 inches wide, and have a 2.5 inch drop length. Metal options include gold, silver, or hypoallergenic 14K plated rose gold.Continue Reading

K&H Pet Products Heated Bed


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Cats have a natural affinity for warm spaces, so it’s  not surprising that heated cat beds tend to be a favorite for many. They are especially nice for senior cats, cats with arthritis, or cats who are recovering from illness or surgery.Continue Reading

2021 Cat Product of the Year


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On Monday, I featured my choices for the 10 best cat products of 2021. It can be challenging to pick just one product out of all the products I receive for review every year.

This year, the choice was easy. My choice for the 2021 Best Cat Product of the Year is:Continue Reading

10 Best Cat Products of 2021


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I see a lot of new products each year, and I try to share as many of the good ones with you as I can. And of course, Allegra has been busy helping me review many of them for you throughout the year. With so many products, it’s really hard to choose only 10 favorites, but with the help of my little product tester, we’ve come up with our list of the 10 best for this year, listed in no particular order.Continue Reading