Crochet Cats Make Purrfect Gifts


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I came across these adorable crochet cats on my Etsy travels, and I just had to share them with you. Handmade from acrylic yawn, these little cats measure between 4.5 and 5.5 inches, and will make the purrfect decroation for your desk, shelf, or anywhere you need a little smile.Continue Reading

Gemstone Cat Bracelets


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When these gorgeous bracelets popped up on a recent “tortoiseshell cat” search on Etsy, my jaw dropped. I love bracelets, and I also love gemstones. I was excited just to share this tortie bracelet with you, and then I explored the artist’s entire Etsy shop, and found cat bracelets in all sorts of colors!Continue Reading

Cardboard Cat Homes: A Castle Fit for a Princess


We all know cats love boxes. We also know that not all humans love having used shipping boxes all over their home. As much as Allegra enjoys boxes, I admit that I’m hesitant to bring shipping boxes inside. They’re usually pretty dirty after sitting on a truck for days, and dirty boxes and white carpet – well, you get the idea. Enter Cardboard Cat Homes: all the fun of a box and then some, and they’re super cute, too.Continue Reading

Ceramic Cat Dishes


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I love finding unique cat items on Etsy, and when I came across these beautiful ceramic cat dishes by an Italian artist, I just had to share them with you.Continue Reading

Custom Pet Memorial Votives


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In addition to her custom pet portraits and other artwork, Bernadette Kazmarski has been crafting and designing unique gift items since childhood. About a decade ago, when she began selling gift items in addition to her portraits at cat shows and other events, she began with versions of the custom crochet items, keepsake boxes and tote bags she’d made for others to stock her table, then moved on to the gift items she saw in stores, like gift bags and tiles and garden flags with artwork, devising ways to imprint her artwork and create a durable handmade gift.Continue Reading

Review: PetFusion Non-Stick Litter Box


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One of my pet peeves when it comes to litter boxes is that many new litter boxes are designed to either make cleaning the litter box easier, or hide the litter box from view. Neither of these two reasons have anything to do with what cats want or need, and everything to do with human sensibilities.Continue Reading