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Holistic Actions! Offers Resources to Help You Take Better Care of Your Cats


Founded by holistic veterinarian Dr. Jeff Feinman, Holistic Actions! offers resources to educate cat (and dog) parents on how to care for their pets holistically so they can live their longest and best lives. Rather than managing symptoms, HA!’s mission is to help veterinarians and cat parents focus on disease prevention and avoidance of unnecessary diagnostics and treatments.Continue Reading

Fresh Air Might Be the Missing Key to Your Cat’s Health and Happiness


Sponsored guest post by Eric Converse, VP, AirRestore*

We all learned a lot about the value of fresh outdoor air this year. After a winter and spring being cooped up inside, how many of us went outside for a walk just to clear our heads and revitalize ourselves? I know that I always feel sharper and am in a better mood even if I can only get out in the sun for a few minutes. Well, there is a scientific reason for that: fresh air is essential not only for humans, but for our furry friends, too.Continue Reading

Why Your Cat’s Vet Records Are So Important


Your relationship with your cat’s veterinarian is one of the most important relationships in yours and your cat’s life. This relationship should be based on trust. Honest and open communication is important not only to ensure that your cat gets the best possible care, but that you understand every aspect of her care. Your vet will keep a detailed medical record for your cat.Continue Reading

Cut Cooling Costs Without Sacrificing Your Indoor Cat’s Comfort


During the hot summer months, it goes without saying that you need to take precautions for your outdoor pets to protect them from heat stroke and other heat related problems, but even indoor cats require special attention, especially if you’re trying to save on cooling costs by turning the air conditioning up when you’re not at home.

TXU and the SPCA of Texas recommend that pet parents set thermostats no higher than  78-80 degrees, and advise against turning off the air conditioner altogether. If your cat has a health condition, be sure to check with your vet on a good temperature setting. A programmable thermostat can make controlling your indoor temperature easy. With some models, you can even control your thermostat via your smartphone.

TXU offers the following tips to save energy during the summer and still keep your cats safe and comfortable:Continue Reading

How the Assisi Loop Helps Doodie with Severe Chronic Immune Disease


This post is sponsored by Assisi Animal Health

11-year-old Doodie came into Sue Marshall’s life five years ago. Sue had just arrived in the US from Australia, and since her work schedule was quite fluid, she wanted to find a shelter where she could volunteer during her free time. There was a photo of a gorgeous Siamese cat on the front desk. The special needs cat had been at the shelter for five years after being returned several times because her multiple illnesses were too much for adopters. “She looked so sad,” said Sue, “so I asked if I could foster her. At first, the shelter declined, as they were wary of letting her go home with just anyone. Sue persisted and returned again and again. Finally, the shelter agreed to a short term foster arrangement, and Sue took her home.Continue Reading