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Cat Pawsitive National High-Five Day Contest


These days, there seems to be a  designated day for just about everything. Did you know that April 19 is National High-Five Day? The Jackson Galaxy Project, a Signature Program of GreaterGood.org, has found a way to turn this rather silly “holiday” into something that is going to help cats with its Cat Pawsitive Initiative. GreaterGood.org, is partnering with the Petco Foundation, and Halo® pet food, to introduce the first annual Cat Pawsitive National High-Five Day Shelter Contest.Continue Reading

Join Me at Jackson Galaxy’s Cat Camp NYC

Of all the cat events I’ve attended over the years, last year’s inaugural Cat Camp NYC was  one of my favorites. A weekend packed with educational lectures, roundtable discussions, lots of vendors offering fantastic cat-themed products and best of all, thousands of cat lovers who care about making all cats’ lives better – it doesn’t get any better than that!

And this year’s Cat Camp promises to be even bigger and better. Returning as Jackson Galaxy’s Cat Camp. the event will take place on May 5 and 6, 2018 at Penn Plaza Pavilion, located at 401 7th Ave, New York, NY 10001.Continue Reading

Help Samantha Martin, Acro-Cat Mom and Champion of Cats, Fight Cancer


I was stunned when I found out earlier this week that Samantha Martin, the creator and Chief Executive Human behind the Amazing Acro-Cats, was diagnosed with stage 3 colo-rectal cancer.

Samantha has worked for many years to promote life-saving animal training techniques. Traveling across the country with her Amazing Acro-Cats, she encourages and supports feline fostering, rescue and adoption. Since 2009, Samantha has rescued and found homes for 216 cats, and proceeds from her shows have helped local agencies in countless towns visited by the troupe.Continue Reading

Birdwatching: Environmental Enrichment for Indoor Cats


Cats often get a bad reputation with regards to birds. A few years ago, I wrote Faulty Science Spread Lies About Cats and Their Impact on Wildlife, and even though the post is a few years old, the information is still relevant. But there is a way for birds to not only coexist peacefully with cats, they can also provide stimulating entertainment for indoor cats, and the best part: nobody gets hurt.Continue Reading

Don’t Believe These 6 Common Myths About Cats


Cats don’t have nine lives, and they don’t suck the breath out of babies. While it’s pretty obvious to most rational human being that these two myths are not true, there are many other tall tales about cats that are completely false. Perhaps this is because cats, despite having lived with humans for thousands of years, still remain a mystery even to those of us who know and love them.

Some myths and misconceptions are simply silly, but many myths can be dangerous and may actually harm cats. The following six are some of the most common myths about cats that are not true.Continue Reading

How to Help Animals Affected by the California Wildfires


I really hope and pray that soon there will come a time where there won’t be a need for these types of posts – they’ve been coming much too frequently over this last month with back to back disasters on both coasts. On Sunday, I wrote about how to decide where to donate when there’s so much need everywhere, and I promised you a round up of organizations who are helping animals affected by the California wildfires.Continue Reading

How You Can Help Animals in Puerto Rico Affected by Hurricane Maria


The devastation in Puerto Rico following hurricane Maria is staggering, and the territory will need our help for a long time to come. As with all disasters of this kind, animals are suffering, too. Animal rescue groups from all around the country poured into the areas affected by hurricanes Harvey and Irma relatively quickly after the storms passed, but logistics to help humans, let alone animals, in Puerto Rico have been complicated due to its location.Continue Reading

Who Gets Custody of the Cat in a Divorce


Divorce is an emotional minefield, and custody issues make a difficult time even more challenging. Most cat guardians consider cats family members, and cat custody can turn into a battle very much like child custody.

Even though pets are considered property in most jurisdictions, courts are starting to recognize the relationship with a pet is different than the relationship with other property. Since a pet isn’t something that can easily be replaced or have a monetary value assigned, courts may be more open to considering custody arrangements for pets.Continue Reading

Go See Samantha Martin and the Amazing Acro-Cats


If you haven’t seen Samantha Martin and her Amazing Acro-Cats, you’re in for a treat if you live in the greater Washington DC area. The troupe is performing in Baltimore, MD through Sunday, September 24, and will be in Herndon, VA from October 5 through October 9. I had a chance to see the show earlier this year when I was visiting a friend in Florida, and I’m looking forward to seeing them again in October. Continue Reading