2020 Cat Book of the Year


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Last week, I shared my list of my top 5 cat books. Usually, I have a hard time choosing just one book as book of the year, but this year the choice was easy: P.S. I Love You More Than Tuna, the first ever gift book for people who are grieving the loss of a cat, is such a unique and special book, and offers so much in such a seemingly small package, there was no question in my mind that this would be my pick for Book of the Year.Continue Reading

Review: Paws for the Good Stuff: A Cat Lover’s Journal for Creating a Purrfectly Pawsitive Life


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I’m a big believer in the benefits of journaling, especially when it comes to keeping a gratitude journal. It’s harder than ever in today’s world to maintain a positive attitude, and a gratitude practice helps you focus on all that’s good in your life. Paws for the Good Stuff: A Cat Lover’s Journal for Creating a Purrfectly Pawsitive Life offers daily and monthly journaling prompts to help you create a sustainable gratitude practice, inspired by cats.Continue Reading

Review: Catalyst by Sarah Beth Durnst


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I rarely read books in the fantasy or young adult genres, but every once in a while, I get a pitch to review a book that sounds so intriguing that I agree to take a look. I’m glad I did for Catalyst. This story about 12-year-old Zoe, who rescues a tiny kitten on her birthday, and the adventures that her act of kindness lead to, appealed to me on a lot of different levels.Continue Reading

Cat Care Guides from the 1960’s


A friend recently gave me two cat care guides from the 1960’s. The Common Sense Book of Kitten and Cat Care is from 1966, Cats is from 1969. Looking through the books was a fascinating exercise in realizing how far we’ve come in understanding cats better over the last 50 years.Continue Reading