Summer Book Suggestions for Cat Lovers


One of my favorite summer pleasures is spending time outside with a good book. Even though a beach vacation is not in the cards this year, I spend as much time as I can on my deck each summer, and I make sure I always have a good supply of summer reading on hand. And of course, much of my summer reading is made up of cat books. The following books are just a few selections that I highly recommend for your summer reading list.Continue Reading

Pre-Order “Catification” by Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin and Help Homeless Cats


You’ve watched Jackson Galaxy transform the lives of cats on his hit TV show My Cat From Hell for the past four years. Frequently, the “fix” involves making adjustments to the cat’s living space, making the term “catification” a household word among cat lovers. In the new book, Catification: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You), Jackson has teemed up with cat style expert Kate Benjamin of Hauspanther, to share tips and tricks to catify every living space.Continue Reading

The World According to Bob Now Available in the US


If you’re not already one of the hundreds of thousands of fans of James Bowen and his street cat Bob, this is a good time to get to know the amazing duo. Since the publication of A Street Cat Named Bob: And How He Saved My Life was first published in 2012, Bob and James have been capturing hearts around the world. The book became an international bestseller which has been translated into 25 languages, and there are rumors of a movie deal.

The sequel, The World According to Bob: The Further Adventures of One Man and His Street-wise Cat, was publishedContinue Reading

Review: Citizen Canine: Our Evolving Relationship with Cats and Dogs


I doubt that anyone reading this blog needs convincing that cats are family members. In fact, for most of us, it’s hard to understand that not everyone feels the way we do, but the fact of the matter is that cats (and dogs) were once wild animals. In Citizen Canine: Our Evolving Relationship with Cats and Dogs, Science deputy news editor David Grimm explores the changing status of cats and dogs in our society, from their wild origins to their current status of the most loved and valued animals on the planet.

The book is divided into three sections:Continue Reading

Review and Giveaway: Cat Food for Thought


I spend a lot of time looking at cat food labels so I can stay on top of all the latest information on feline nutrition, so it was a refreshing change to spend some time looking at cat food labels purely for fun. Cat Food for Thought: Pet Food Label Art, Wit & Wisdom is a charming little book featuring cat food art from the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s.Continue Reading

Review: Metal Cats


Not too many people know that I like heavy metal music. Actually, I like pretty much every genre of rock, from classic to alternative to yes, heavy metal. But rock music and cats don’t always go together, especially since most cats don’t like loud noises (I make sure I only blast my music at top volume when I’m in my car, away from Allegra and Ruby’s sensitive ears.)  I definitely never thought I’d ever see a book that combines two of my loves: cats, and heavy metal music.

Metal Cats features photography by Alexandra CrockettContinue Reading

Review: My Name is Bob by James Bowen


Since the publication of A Street Cat Named Bob in 2012, James Bowen and Bob have been capturing hearts and minds around the world. The book is an international bestseller and there are rumors that it will be made into a movie. I’ve been following James and Bob on their Facebook page for the past two years, and I am thrilled for the incredible success they’ve been experiencing. As far as life changing cats go, Bob is in a category of his own.

Like many of us who have rescued strays, James often wondered what Bob’s life was like before the two soul mates met. My Name is Bob is an imagined look at Bob’s past. Continue Reading

Review and Giveaway: Grey Howl by Clea Simon


Clea Simon’s Dulcie Schwartz mystery series, featuring the Harvard graduate student, along with her kitten Esme and the spirit of her departed cat, Mr. Grey, has become one of my favorite cat mysteries. In Grey Howl, the seventh installment of the series, we find Dulcie helping with preparations for a prestigious literature conference. Dulcie is in the final stages of her doctoral thesis about an obscure gothic novel by a mysterious author, and she is excited about presenting her paper at the conference. But as the visiting scholars arrive, things begin to go wrong, and Dulcie finds herself in the middle of a tangled web of academic rivalries. A presentation is sabotaged, a scholar disappears, and another is murdered. And to top it all off, Dulcie’s boyfriend Chris is acting strangely.Continue Reading

Review: How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity


It’s no secret that cats are hot on the internet, and some of the more prominent internet cats have probably made their guardians rich enough to at least be able to give up their day jobs. If you’ve ever wondered whether your cat could be the next Maru, Grumpy Cat or Lil BUB, How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity: A Guide to Financial Freedom offers advice on how to make your cat the next feline superstar.

Written by Patricia Carlin, with photography by Dustin Fenstermacher, this “guide” will help youContinue Reading

Review and Giveaway: Panthers Play for Keeps by Clea Simon


Pru Marlowe is back, and she’s better than ever! In Panthers Play for Keeps, the fourth book in Clea Simon’s Pet Noir series featuring pet behaviorist and psychic Pru Marlow, Pru has to solve her most challenging case yet: while taking a dog for a walk, she finds the body of a young woman, who seems to have been mauled by a wild cat. Pru knows there have been no cougars in the Berkshires for years, and not much about this death makes sense. As Pru starts looking into the murder, a cougar of another kind has her eyes set on Pru’s on again, off again boyfriend, detective Jim Creighton. When Pru’s rival disappears, Pru is forced to set aside her own problems to solve the mystery.

Pru Marlow can hear what animals are thinking, Continue Reading

Life Imitates Art: Cougar Sighting in Suburban Boston


Guest post by Clea Simon

The dodo is extinct. The passenger pigeon as well, although some intriguing backward-engineering of DNA may soon change that. The Eastern cougar? That’s another matter. Last month, amid growing community concern, repeated sightings of a large, tawny cat just outside of Boston have made what was once a closed issue open to debate.

According to most wildlife experts, the Eastern cougar – also known as a mountain lion or a puma – is gone. Hunted by humans as its woodland territory was gobbled up by development, the large dun-colored cat (scientific name: Puma concolor couguar) was deemed extinct in 2011 by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The large and graceful cat, once the alpha predator from South Carolina through New England, was done in by the new alpha: humans.Continue Reading