Meet Penny, The Star of Penny: A Graphic Memoir


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When I received a review copy of Penny: A Graphic Memoir, a wonderful book about a tortie with a colorful imagination (review to follow on Friday,) I just had to learn more about the real Penny. Her human, Karl Stevens, is a graphic novelist and painter whose comics have appeared regularly in the New Yorker, Village Voice (where Penny initially premiered as a series), and Boston Phoenix, was kind enough to answer a few question for me.Continue Reading

A Snowflake in My Hand

I don’t often re-read books, but a handful of cat books that have become such treasures, I read them again and again. When I recently re-read Samantha Mooney’s A Snowflake in My Hand, I thought it was time to share it with you again. Few books have left such an impression on me, and this little book became pivotal to a significant turning point in my life.Continue Reading

Review: Immortal Cat


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I came across Immortal Cat because our friends at the 5050 Company designed the cover. It’s a little outside the range of genres I normally read, and I’m not entirely sure how to classify it. Amazon has it listed under Coming of Age Fiction, Humorous Dark Comedy, and Technothrillers. I enjoy coming of age stories, but I never had any interest in the latter two categories. However, I’m really glad I gave this book a chance.Continue Reading

Review: Mindfulness for Cat Lovers


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A growing body of research shows that mindfulness reduces stress, increases focus and cognitive flexibility, makes us less emotionally reactive, increases empathy and compassion and just generally makes us happier. In Mindfulness for Cat Lovers, Carole Bosanko, a clinical psychologist who has worked with the National Health Service for over 30  years, shows us how mindfulness and cats are the purrfect combination.Continue Reading

Cat Care Guides from the 1980’s


During a recent bout of deep cleaning I found the two cat care guides pictured above at the bottom of a drawer. Your Kitten’s First Year was published by Purina in 1982. Pat Widmer’s Cat Book has a publication date of 1981. I got both books when I got my first cat Feebee in 1984.Continue Reading

Review: The Spirit of Animal Healing

Stretch. Run Around. Repeat: How a Writer’s Cat Takes Care of Her Human


Guest post by Clea Simon
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Stretch. Run around. Repeat.

Conscious Cat readers will undoubtedly recognize a pattern here. You could call it a cat’s morning regimen. But as we enter the darkest days of winter – as well as the second year of a pandemic that has us more shut in than ever before – I’m trying to make this my routine as well.Continue Reading

Review: No Matter What: Caring for Critters Through Hell or High Water


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No Matter What is the fourth installment in Kelly Meister Yetter’s series of memoirs about her life with an assortment of critters, ranging from cats and dogs to horses, donkeys and ducks.

The author spent much of her life in darkness following childhood abuse, and the resulting depression led her to often isolate herself from other humans. Animals turned out to be her salvation: spending time around animals, and helping them, contributed to the healing of old childhood wounds.Continue Reading