Review: The Holistic Vet Blend Cookbook


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When it comes to nutrition, the same is true for cats as for people: whole, unprocessed or minimally processed food is better. The optimal diet for a cat is a properly balanced raw or gently cooked diet. Even though conventional veterinarians caution against making your own food, with the appropriate recipe and ingredients, homemade food can be a viable option for cat parents who prefer this to a commercial diet.Continue Reading

How Two Cats from Key West Became Literary Scottish Cats


Guest post by Lucy Burdette
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If you have read any of the ten previous Key West food critic mysteries, you know that right from the beginning, there have always been cats. In the previous book, The Key Lime Crime, T-bone the ginger cat whom I rescued from Key West SPCA made his debut. He was very proud to be featured on that cover – and annoyed that he didn’t make it onto the new book. (And he also believes that he rescued me, not the other way around.) I tried to explain that the characters in Scone of Contention were traveling to Scotland and couldn’t reasonably be expected to take their cats along. And I promised he would have a cameo on Facetime when Hayley called home to Key West. He only glared.Continue Reading

Texts from Mittens 2022 Day-to-Day Calendar


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What would happen if you gave a cat a smartphone and he had opposable thumbs? Well, of course he’d want to text!  At least that’s the case with Mitty, a text-savvy, over-anxious, drama-filled house cat. Based on the popular blog and book of the same name, the Texts from Mittens 2022 Calendar features entertaining SMS conversations shared between Mitty and his loving human. Continue Reading

Summer Reading Suggestions for Cat Lovers


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One of my greatest summer pleasures is spending time outside with a good book. Whether it’s on my deck, in a sidewalk cafe, or a park, there’s just something about reading outdoors that makes one of my favorite pastimes even more special.

Even though book sales have soared during the pandemic, there’s been a notable absence of new cat books. I typically get dozens of pitches to review new books throughout the year. So far, I’ve only gotten a handful, and of those, not many sounded like quality titles.Continue Reading

Love Saves the Day

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I don’t often re-read books, but there are a few cat books that have left such an impression on me, I periodically re-read them. I recently picked up Gwen Coopers’ Love Saves the Day, and I thought it was time to share it with you again. This is one of a handful of special books that don’t come along very often.Continue Reading

The Fur Person


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I don’t often re-read books, but a handful of cat books that have become such treasures, I read them again and again. When I recently re-read May Sarton’s The Fur Person, I decided it was time to share it with you again.

Originally published in 1957, The Fur Person is one of the most endearing cat stories I’ve ever read. Featuring the true adventures of Tom Jones, May Sarton’s own cat, this little book captures the essence of what a cat is all about in the beautiful prose of this gifted and sensitive writer and poet. The book has been reissued numerous times with different covers.Continue Reading

Review: The Cat with Three Passports