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Every time I post a photo of Allegra or Ruby on one of their window perches, I get several questions about where I got them, and the question always makes me smile.

The reason for the smile? The perches are ancient, and whenever I answer it, it makes me remember all the cats that have enjoyed them before Allegra and Ruby. I bought two of the perches for Feebee in the late 1980’s.  One is in my bedroom, one in my office. They require no tools for mounting, they attach to the window sill with a velcro strip. My window sills are very narrow, about two inches wide, and it’s enough to hold the perches securely. Amber was the heaviest of my cats, and even at 13 pounds, the perches held up to daily use.

Allegra and Ruby love their perches, as have all the cats that came before them. From napping to sunbathing to front and back yard watching, I don’t think there’s been a single day when one or both perches have been in use for part of the day.

Unfortunately, the perch we have, which used to be sold by Petco, is no longer available.

Here is a similar one available from Amazon:

The Cat Connection kitty sill

This Meow Town Kitty Window Perch also looks like a good alternative:

Meow Town Kitty Window Perch

 or this Lazy Pet Window Perch:


Visit Amazon to view all the available cat window perches.

Wouldn’t your kitty love a window perch like Allegra’s and Ruby’s – well, almost like Allegra’s and Ruby’s?

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17 Comments on Cat Window Perches

  1. Hi! I found someplace that still sells it! Nice to know, in case I have to replace mine…

    • Are you handy with a sewing machine, Christine? I’m thinking it wouldn’t be too hard to duplicate the existing cover? I have no talent in that area and I worry about the day when ours will need new covers! 🙂

      • I have no sewing talent at all, sadly. I’ve just been putting a towel or blanket over the ripped perch cover.

  2. Thanks for this information-we bought one and it was held with string which Magellan promptly started chewing-that was a recipe for disaster. We quickly took it down. I may look at these again. They love sitting in the window-my biggest joy is to drive up the driveway and see them sitting in the window.

  3. Wow, really like that last one – will have to go look it up on Amazon. We’re in the same boat here. Liked our 20 year old perches so much we’ve been trying to replicate them!

    • That last one does look great, doesn’t it, Lisa? Let me know how you like it if you decide to get it.

  4. With glass on both the inside and outide of my window, I just open one side and by the time I get home, Shadow is snoozong on it. I’m positive she would love one of these cat perches you have up!

  5. Thanks Ingrid! I love the chaise lounge one too! I just added it to my wishlist! I’m certain my Bengal Miss Jengs will appreciate it!

  6. Thanks for your summary. For now I’ve managed to place nightstands or similar table at favorite windows and cover with a soft bath rug for lounging. The hammock style would surely be a favorite around here!

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