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For the last couple of months, I’ve been looking for inexpensive items to brighten my home and yard. We’re all spending so much time at home right now, and I’ve found that even something as seemingly small as a new tablecloth or throw pillow can really transform the energy of a room. When I came across these beautiful wind chimes, I just had to share them with you.

Plus, what’s more soothing than the sound of wind chimes as you spend some time outside and let the worries of the world gently drift out of your mind, even for a few minutes? They would also work inside to beautify pretty much any room (and your kitties might enjoy batting at them!)

The cat wind chimes are available from Amazon – click on the image for each to order.



I’m having a hard time deciding between the two designs! Which is your favorite?

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5 Comments on Cat Wind Chimes 2023 Review (With Pictures)

  1. Hey Ingrid, what a dilemma LOL. Both are pretty but I just went to through your icon above and ordered the first one (VP Home Fancy Feline Cat Outdoor Garden Decor Wind Chime). Even though the second chime has lots of bells and kitties, I’d worry about it tangling more and then being harder to untangle than the Home Fancy. BUT if one is buying to lift one’s spirits, such practical considerations should not be taking into account, should they!!! Since you have a house Ingrid, treat yourself to both !!!

  2. I like them both. Maybe the top one just for it’s simple design. My bandwidth for anything complicated has been diminished over these past few months. I realized as I was trying to decide between the two designs, the true test of a wind chime is always the sound. It would be nice if Amazon had a “sample” of the chimes just like they do for music 🙂
    I hope you day is peaceful.

  3. They are both really pretty. If I were to get one I would probably go with the second one. I love wind chimes but we have dirt dauber problems here. I used to have lots of wind chimes but one time when the strings broke, I found dirt daubers had made a nest up inside the metal tube part and that kind of freaked me out.

  4. Hi, Ingrid! I like both wind chimes. My favorite is the 2nd one with 9 – 10 kitties on it. I would probably choose the one with the most pleasing chime. Thanks for sharing these. They brought a smile!

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