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When filmmaker Steven Lawrence and his wife Helen moved into a new house in Brooklyn, they were very surprised to learn that a colony of 40 feral cats lived in their backyard. Well-meaning neighbors had been feeding the cats, unknowingly contributing to a population explosion. Steve and Helen couldn’t just turn a blind eye to the situation. After doing some research, they discovered that there is an entire community of cat rescuers in Brooklyn. They also realized that street cats were a city-wide problem.

Experts estimate there are upwards of one million abandoned and feral cats on the streets of New York City. With animal shelters overcrowded and resources stretched thin, hundreds of cat-loving activists have taken to the streets to implement TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return), a technique that, along with adoptions, can humanely control and reduce the population.


Steve believed that a documentary could bring awareness of this issue to a wider audience and eventually bring more help to these cats, and The Cat Rescuers was born. This feature-length documentary follows four street-smart volunteers in Brooklyn. Against great odds, and sometimes at great sacrifice to their personal lives and bank accounts, they are making a difference in dealing with an animal welfare issue that confronts cities all over the world. By observing the challenges the rescuers face, viewers will come to understand what drives them to be out on the streets day and night. As they take on one rescue after another, viewers will learn the details of TNR and adoptions, and why they work.


Steve partnered with Rob Fruchtman, an award-winning filmmaker and cat lover. They began filming The Cat Rescuers in 2014. Up to now, Steve and Rob have financed the film out of their own pockets. They now need help to get funding to complete the project.

Help the Cat Rescuers

The Cat Rescuers just launched a Kickstarter campaign, which offers some amazing perks, including tote bags, t-shirts, a customized photo of your own cat to share your support of the project on social media, a Healthy Pet Consultation with Healthy Pet Coach Jodi Ziskin, sponsorship of a screening of the film, dinner with the filmmakers, and much much more.


For more information about the documentary, please visit To support this wonderful project, please visit their Kickstarter page. You can also find The Cat Rescuers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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