Published by: Ingrid King. Last Updated on: June 26, 2023 by Crystal Uys


I haven’t played board games in a long time, but when I came across Cat-Opoly, I decided it’s time to put together a game night with friends! I loved playing Monopoly as a child. I’m not all that competitive in general, but I remember never being really happy with a game unless I had hotels on Boardwalk and Park Place. And for some reason, I also always wanted to own all four railroad stations.


Cat-Opoly is the feline version of Monopoly. The game pieces are modeled after a milk bottle, a can of sardines, a ball of yarn, a mouse, a can of cat food and a fish, Instead of buying real estate, players acquire cats, and instead of houses, players try to accumulate as many fish bones and litter boxes as they can.


Who’s up for game night?

Cat-Opoly is available from Amazon with free shipping for Prime members.

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