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If you’ve missed Jackson Galaxy and his cat mojo while My Cat From Hell is on hiatus on Animal Planet, fear not, you can now get a daily dose of the Cat Daddy every Monday! Jackson’s new web-based show, “Cat Mojo,” premieres today on Discovery’s Animalist Network. Episodes will be posted on Jackson Galaxy’s YouTube Channel. Today’s episode will go live at 9 am Eastern/6 am Pacific time.

Each week Jackson will share his thoughts on everything from cat-related issues like declawing and squirt gun diplomacy to his craziest behind the scene stories as a cat behaviorist.  He will address trends in animal welfare and the feral cat issue. Rumor has it he will even share his musical talent on the show. All of this will happen live, and it will be interactive, giving viewers a chance to ask questions.

To get a taste of what you can expect, watch the promo trailer:


And for fans of My Cat From Hell , the wait is almost over: the show will return with 16 new episodes this coming spring.

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8 Comments on Cat Mojo with Jackson Galaxy Premieres Today

  1. My 10 year old cat is having a problem. He has suddenly started having b.m on my bed my mother’s bed and our guest bed. What can I do to stop this behavior?

  2. I really hope more people get into fixing and taking care of ferals. I have five regulars who live in and under my shed and they’re getting closer and closer to me (after a year). I have hopes that at least one can turn into a house-cat eventually. Most of them are fixed microchipped (I opted for that instead of the eartip). Hey people, at least you don’t have to change their litter and they’re much cuter than rats or snakes in the yard. There are three exceptions: Raggletaggle, Luna, and Morphy. I caught them at 3 and 4 months old. They live inside.

  3. Love your programs and are recommending them to every animal lover I know here in Norway. I have worked in a catshelter and are telling everybody about your wonderful program. i am working with communication myself and have attended several courses. But i have never learned so much as from your approach to “the cats from hel”.

    Hope to find a way to subscribe to your new program on Mondays.

    Pote, high five from jeanette

  4. We missed today’s show but this sounds pretty cool! I’m gonna put a reminder on my human’s calendar for the Mondays to come!

    I also wanted to stop by to thank you for your comment on my bloggie regarding megacolon. And also my human received the Big New Yorker Book of Cats and she loves it! Thanks!

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