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In my ongoing quest to brighten my living space with simple things that make me happy, I came across these adorable cat duvet cover sets, and just had to  share them with you.

Made from 100% cotton, each set includes a duvet cover and two standard pillow cases. The duvet cover features corner ties and a zipper closure. It comes in Twin and Full/Queen sizes.


I’m having a hard time deciding between the yellow and the black and white pattern. The yellow would be a big departure for me in terms of color choice, but maybe it’s time to mix things up a little? Which pattern do you like best?

The duvet sets are available from Amazon.

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7 Comments on Cat Duvet Cover Sets to Brighten Your Bedroom

  1. Hi Ingrid, I say you should definitely go for the yellow. The sunshiney color will make you so happy and you know we all need that right now!

  2. I’m a little confused. It might be my computer but what I ‘m seeing when I first go into the choices is a bluish/green with cats on my left and on my right bluish/green/black/white with cats then when I try again I Black/white on my right and yellow on the right. I like the bluish green or mint colored the best.

  3. Normally I too would gravitate towards the black/white but with everything that’s going on, a cheerful yellow might just be needed. Plus, what a happy sight in the middle of winter. When in doubt, order both (free returns) and you see which you like best in your space.

  4. Those are really cute! I like both, but I think I lean towards the black/white myself. It could be brightened up with any number of colored throw pillows, too.

  5. Thanks for sharing Ingrid…I like the yellow best..It is a very retro, mellow yellow, and I think it will go with any other color..My bedroom is a sage green..Have you asked Allegra, what she thinks?

  6. These are really pretty. I like the mint and yellow ones the best. they are bright cheerful colors.

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