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We’ve had a Cat Amazing Puzzle Toy for many years, and it’s a perennial favorite for the girls. I periodically put it away and when I bring it back out, it’s like it’s a whole new toy. Our friends at Cat Amazing gave us a new puzzle when I saw them at Cat Camp NYC a couple of months ago, and I thought it was time to share this fantastic toy with you again.

This is a super fun toy that will engage your cat’s hunting and stalking instinct. This sturdy cardboard toy is incredibly well-designed. The clever insert creates hard-to-reach areas that cats can access through different shaped openings on the outside, making it much more challenging (and fun) for kitty than other puzzle toys. The insert creates three levels of increasing difficulty, using colors that cats see best.


You can use treats (I recommend freeze-dried treats) or small toys in this puzzle. We used the Barn Yarn toys.

This puzzle kept the girls challenged for quite some time.

I don’t recommend using the puzzle unsupervised, especially with small cats or kittens, but then, I’m super paranoid about toy safety. While it’s highly unlikely that a paw or the kitty’s head could get stuck in one of the holes, it’s not impossible, and I’d rather be safe than sorry. Plus, it’s so much fun to watch your cats having fun with this toy, why would you not want to supervise them!

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  1. One of the favorite toy/puzzles in our home for several years. I think we are on our fifth or sixth one!

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