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Most cats don’t like closed doors. This is certainly true at our house. The only time I close a door is when we have a service person come, and I need to keep Allegra and Ruby safely out of the way. Unfortunately, Allegra in particular gets so stressed when she’s locked up, she starts to frantically claw at the carpet near the door to “dig” her way out of the closed room. As a result, the carpet near the doorway in the guest bedroom, where I tend to close the girls in when it’s necessary for their safety, is quite frayed, and ripped up at the edge.


The CarPET Scratch Stopper™ is a heavy duty floor mat, similar to the ones you can get to put under a rolling chair in a carpeted office. The mat is cut to fit under a door, extending on both sides to keep your cats from destroying the carpet. The side of the mat that goes on the carpet has small protrusions to keep it from moving around, the top  is smooth plastic.

The CarPET Scratch Stopper™

  • is safe for cats
  • will not damage carpets
  • installs easily – simply place in the doorway
  • will save you money on carpet repair and replacement
  • comes with a 5 year warranty

Joanne, the founder of CarPET Scratch Stopper™, began developing this product because her own cats were ruining her carpets, and as she began talking about it to other cat lovers, she found that it was a universal problem. Joanne is adamantly opposed to declawing, so she set out to develop a device that would solve the problem while being safe for both cats and carpets.

Since the CarPET Scratch Stopper is clear, it goes with any décor. It’s easy to clean and easy to move. At only $24.95 plus shipping and handling, this is a bargain, compared to the money you would spend on repairing or replacing carpet.

I wish I had known about the CarPET Scratch Stopper sooner – and so does my guest bedroom carpet.

For more information about the CarPET Scratch Stopper and to purchase, please visit They are running a “Buy 1 and get a 2nd one at 50% off” promotion for a limited time only, so act fast!

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