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Wagging Tales: Every Animal Has a Tale , subtitled Conversations with Our Animal Friends, is a collection of conversations animal communicator Tim Link held with a series of cats, dogs, and even a praying manthis.

From the publisher:  Many people have a special bond with animals, but few have the ability to understand the innermost thoughts, feelings, and desires of different creatures. Author Tim Link is one such individual–a man blessed with the ability to communicate with animals telepathically.

In this book, the author details some of his most dramatic and moving encounters with the animal kingdom. From helping a lost cat find her way home to comforting a Catalan sheepdog after back surgery, Link shares stories that are both entertaining and heartfelt. A full-time animal communicator and a Reiki energy healer for animals, Link has never failed to reach an animal, even if that animal has transitioned to the next world. In these dramatic and moving stories, Link describes how he communicates with animals, not only in words, but also through feelings, smells, tastes, emotions, and images. By building powerful intuitive connections with other species, Link has transformed the lives of numerous animals and the people who care for them. His stories will transform the lives of readers as well, as they learn to open their minds and hearts to all creatures great and small.

Whether it’s a story of joy, loneliness, or redemption, every animal has a tale, and Tim Link has brought magically resonant tales to life in this powerful collection of stories.

My own experience with animal communication has been that each communicator develops his or her own unique style of accessing and relaying the information they receive from the animals they communicate with.  The spectrum ranges from those who connect directly with the animal’s spiritual nature and convey profound messages of insight and guidance, to others who relay more practical messages.   This book offers a look at how animal communication works for this particular animal communicator.  The stories are sometimes charming, and sometimes heartbreaking.  The author’s love for animals and delight in his role as interpreter between the species as well as his desire to build stronger relationships between animals and humans comes through in each tale told.

This is a light-hearted and quick read,filled with lots of practical insights about what animals think and feel about their lives, from human work schedules that they don’t like to why they don’t want to share their toys.  The book offers an entertaining and unique look at animals, along with lovely photos and practical pet care tips.

Tim Link is President and CEO of Link’s Wagging Tales, Inc.  He has been featured nationally and internationally in numerous articles and television and radio programs.  Tim and his wife live near Atlanta, GA, with their many pets.  For more information about Tim, please visit his website.

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8 Comments on Wagging Tales by Tim Link (2023 Book Review)

  1. Tim Link charged a lot of money to show me a map that was not part of my cat’s territory (she was feral) and pointing out there were trash cans in the area. All you have to do is look on Google Maps and see that. He told me my cat was in that area, would show herself and was waiting for us to find her.
    I found out later that at that very same time my cat had been dead for at least a week.
    I wrote him to tell him this, not in an angry and accusatory manner at all. I just wanted him to know so he had a better idea of his accuracy rate. He didn’t have the decency or kindness to even say I am sorry for your loss. I think he is a fraud. Don’t waste your money.

  2. Don’t waste your $175 with this guy. He’ll send you some bullet points of items (I see flowers) that are found almost anywhere and a map that is worthless. It’s obvious he isn’t very accurate. (I had a verified sighting at the same time and day I received his map that was over 6 miles away). He’s arrogant and forget about a free follow up. Go to his competition. You’ll get results and she provides complimentary follow ups to recover your pet.

    • Lori,

      I had a similar experience with Tim Link. He gave me a bogus map location in an area my cat (she was feral) never traveled to, he mentioned lots of dumpsters in the area (our whole neighborhood alleyways are lined with thousands of dumpsters), and he said she was alive and would be waiting for us and would show herself.

      I found out later she had been dead a week before he told us this “information.”

      I wrote him to tell him because I think communicators should be aware of their accuracy. He never had the ethics, kindness or decency to write back and even say he’s sorry for my loss.

      No psychic or animal communicator is 100% accurate. It just doesn’t exist. I consulted another and she said my cat was alive too. But she had the decency to say she was sorry for my loss and explain that locating missing animals is extremely difficult. She had ethics. Tim Link does not.

  3. Tim Link your “Wagging Tales: Every Animal Has a Tale ” were nice book. I like it very much, Its become easy to chat with our pet.

  4. I think absolutely right, Layla – it’s so important to tell our pets what’s going to happen. It’s especially important when it’s something that we know they may not be too thrilled about.

  5. Looks like a winner. Most animal lovers talk to their fur friends but don’t listen to them as much. I’ve always believed in a back and forth communication. It’s easy for me with two chatty Siamese who talk a little too much! Pets are less stressed when you tell them exactly what’s happening i.e. “We’re going to the vet to find out how you can feel better.”, I’ll be gone until dinnertime.”, “Your sister/friend/mom etc. has gone to live elsewhere.”
    I especially think it’s important to tell pets before you go away on a trip. I always say how long I’ll be gone and,” I’ll be back and I’ll miss you”. They don’t always understand 10 days versus 14 days but they understand “same as last time or longer than last time”.

  6. Marg, I’m sure you’re doing it every day. We all naturally have the ability, especially as children, it just tends to get trained out of us as we grow up. We’re being told that it’s not “normal” to talk to the animals, but some people never lose the ability, or recover it later in life. I think it’s all about making a heart-to-heart connection with our animals, and to allow ourselves to listen with our hearts rather than our heads.

  7. That looks like a really interesting book. I would love to hear more about communicating with animals although I think I do it every day. We will have to start saving our pennies so we can get one. Thanks for the review.

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