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Advances in veterinary medicine make it possible to diagnose and treat medical conditions in pets that would have been a death sentence a decade ago. From chemotherapy to kidney transplants, pets can now receive the same level of medical care as humans. Cutting-edge veterinary care by board-certified specialists ranging from internists to oncologists to ophtamologists is becoming more widely available than ever before.

In Pet Care in the New Century: Cutting-Edge Medicine for Dogs and Cats, Amy Shojai provides a close up look at the amazing medical options for diagnosis and treatment of disease, as well as the high level of preventive care available to cat guardians.

This comprehensive guide covers

  • the benefits of ultraound, CT scans, MRI’s and more
  • advances in drugs, surgery, and rehabilitation
  • molecular medicine, gene therapy, and genetics ethics
  • cost issues and pet insurance options
  • links to online resources and experts, including insights from more than 100 veterinary medicine specialists

The book contains an A-Z guide of 50 health and behavior conditions which outlines symptoms and treatment options (both conventional and holistic).

But this is not just a reference guide. Each section also includes a “Modern Miracles” segment in which the author shares real life success stories from real life pet patients and guardians. Some of these stories will make your jaw drop, and others will bring tears to your eyes.

“My fondest wish is that this book will help you learn about various options to help you make the best choices for your individual animal’s circumstance,” says Shojai on the book’s Amazon page. “Then it’s up to you to say “yes” or “no thanks” to a kidney transplant, paralysis cure, behavior help, or cancer treatments – remembering always that there is no right or wrong answer.”

I couldn’t agree more. This book is a must have for every cat guardian. It will prove to be an invaluable guide, should you ever have to make a decision about advanced medical care for your cat.

Please note: If you’re going to purchase the print version of this book, click on the plus sign next to “Paperback, Bargain Price.” You’ll see the current, updated edition in the drop down menu. The publisher is working with Amazon to correct this.

This book was given to me by the author. Receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.

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5 Comments on Book review: Pet Care in the New Century: Cutting-Edge Medicine for Dogs and Cats by Amy Shojai

  1. Wow, sounds like a great read! It’s nice that you included a discussion on pet insurance options; it’s sort of a sore topic in my home. My DH and I adopted two cats from a shelter and we weren’t able to afford the treatment of of them needed for his failing kidney. Insurance wouldn’t cover us; they called it a “preexisting condition” .. it’s like they didn’t even care that he would likely die without proper coverage.
    We ended up paying most of it out of pocket (it came to about $3,000). We did get a membership with Pet Assure – because they were the only ones who would cover a preexisting condition – which gave us a 25% discount. (It cost us about $10 a month and saved us almost 900 dollars in the first six weeks alone! I guess we really maxed out on their coverage LOL).
    Looking forward to reading this book!

    • Gina, this is not the first story like yours that I’ve heard when it comes to getting a “pre-existing condition” covered. I’m glad Pet Assure came through for you.

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