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There are lots of books on the market that give advice on how to care for cats, provide information on cat behavior, and address other aspects of living with a cat.  Dear Sparkle:  Advice from One Cat to Another, authored by Sparkle The Designer Cat and edited by Janiss Garza, is unique in this genre.  It combines solid advice with humor, and gives us an insider’s look into what and how cats think.  Sparkle  is a seven-year-old pedigreed Somali who speaks out on anything from how to address trouble with family members (both human and feline) to hairballs to culinary delights and disappointments.  A significant portion of the book is devoted to addressing questions about human foibles.  Writes Sparkle:  “Humans are complicated beings, and very hard to train.”

Sparkle, the internet’s premier cat-to-cat advice columnist, brings her feline point of view to help her fellow cats figure out human behavior and deal with the day-to-day frustrations that living with humans can bring for a cat.

Some samples of the kinds of questions Sparkle answers are:

My human used to give me treats at dinnertime, but the vet put me on a diet and now I’m starving!  How do I get these treats back?

A tom cat invaded my backyard and now my roommate hates my guts!  What happened, and what do I do about it?

My human brought home a snotty new kitten – how do I show him who’s boss?

This is a thoroughly enjoyable, often laugh out loud funny book filled with practical information presented in a unique style.

And if you can’t get enough of Sparkle’s advice from the book, you can visit her on her website at

Sparkle is a kind-hearted and generous cat and wants to help kitties who are less fortunate than she is.  For the rest of the year, she will donate $1 for every book sold through her website to Tabby’s Place, a cat sanctuary in Ringoes, NJ.  For more information about Sparkle’s mission to help Tabby’s Place, click here.

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7 Comments on Book Review: Dear Sparkle – Advice from One Cat to Another by Sparkle, the Designer Cat

  1. LOL the only thing I don’t agree with is the part about humans being hard to train… at least not at my house 😉

  2. Hi Jody,

    thanks for stopping by here! I’m sure your cat and your daughter have some pretty intense conversations 🙂

  3. Hi Ingrid,

    Oh sounds like a delightful book! When one of our cats “talks” my 4 yo daughter will ask me to “translate” what the cat is saying. So I have the fun of making up the cats thoughts!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! I’m so pleased to meet you!

  4. Hm, nice to have a cat’s eye view of life 😉 I’m sure my cat (and I) would find this book makes for some great reading!

  5. Isn’t it cute, Elizabeth? I’m sure cats everywhere are glad that Sparkle wrote this book – finally someone who addresses these issues from their point of view 🙂

  6. Cute idea! I love the concept of an advice column *from* a cat. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    Elizabeth Mystery Writing is Murder

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