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Today’s review is about a book with a d-o-g in it, but thankfully, Amber allows me to read them every one in a while.  I would have hated to miss One Good Dog.  In the tradition of Marley and Me and The Art of Racing in the Rain, this is a moving book about how a dog changes a human’s life for the better.

Adam March, a ruthless, self-made Boston millionnaire seems to have it all, living a picture perfect life, surrounded by wealth and privilege.   Then, in one instant, all of that changes, and he finds himself alone, unemployed, and doing community service in a homeless shelter.  Chance, a pit bull mix bred as a fighting dog, living in a dark and vicious world, takes a random moment to escape from his captors.  Human and dog come together, and as One Good Dog unfolds, both fight for a chance at a new life.  This is a tale of love, loyalty, new discoveries, and redemption, told from the point of view of Adam March, but also from the point of view of Chance, the former fighting dog.

Wilson masterfully lets Chance tell the story in his own words.  Some of the passages describing his fighting life are disturbing, but his gradual introduction to the world of being a pet dog is charming and touching.  I found this book hard to put down.  The narrative from the two different points of view was fascinating and added to the pace of the story.  You’ll find yourself routing for the initially extremely unlikeable character of Adam March and for the tough dog with the rough beginning.

Entertaining, moving, and heartwarming, fans of dog memoirs, or pet memoirs in general, will thoroughly enjoy this book.

I’m giving away one copy of this book to one lucky reader.  For a chance to win, please leave a comment telling me why you want to win this book .  For an extra chance to win, tweet about the giveaway or share on Facebook and post the link in a separate comment.  This giveaway ends Friday, April 30.

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27 Comments on Book Review and Giveaway: One Good Dog by Susan Wilson

  1. i have just finished your book one good dog, i am still in tears i would very much like to win this book, I have never been able to finish books before but this book mean alot to me. my best friend conner passed away laying on my chest he was a great dog and my best friend,. thank you

  2. Hahahahaaaa….I guess I am about 2 years late for that…anyway, I’ll read and FB this book.
    Please desregard my previous comment.

    • LOL, Katia! Thank you for sharing your story about your Nikka – she sounds like a wonderful dog. I think you’ll enjoy this book even if you did miss a chance of winning a copy!

  3. Two years ago I almost lost my daughter in a car accident. About 6 months after that my daughter decided to adopt a pit bull puppy. I was mortified….
    Well, since I was unemployed I had a enough time to spend with the puppy and to get to know her breed.
    Needless to say, our lives would NOT be the same WITHOUT our adorable pit bull Nikka.
    She is the most wonderful dog and all of us, as a family, have learned a lot from this great bully.
    We are a very happy pit bull family. I can wait to have the chance to read this book 😉
    PS: I”ll be posting this on FB for the Pit Bull Ambassadors Rescue in my county.

  4. Sounds like a book I’d love to read. The unconditional love of a dog that should hate the world and everyone in it, but instead chose love is quite remarkable. What things we can learn from a pit bull dog! I’ve got my hankie ready for the tears of sadness as well as the ones of joy that no doubt this book will bring on.

  5. I would love to win this book because I love dogs and the ways they interact with humans. And I have never won anything in my life 🙂

  6. I would love to win a copy of this book, although based on your review, I will most likely purchase it eventually if I don’t;-)

    I have two puppies, one purchased, the other rescued who have absolutely changed my life and shown me the true meaning of unconditional love. Because of them, I know volunteer at an animal shelter and wish I could take every one of them home with me! I imagine this book will give me the same feeling 😉

    God Bless~

  7. Just posted a link to this giveaway on my Facebook page, as I have many dog lovers who are fans there!

    And I also tweeted about it too! (petscribbles on Twitter)

  8. I would love to win this book because one of my good friends just e-mailed me about this book today and said it was a must-read book. As she is someone who has similar reading habits to my own, and as she is also an animal lover, I had already written this book down to buy. So, winning a copy would be a happy thing for me! 🙂

  9. I’d like to win because this particular dog is able to touch the last spark….the spark that can and will ignite the depth of the human spirit and soul….and isn’t that what we are all really searching for.

  10. I would like to win this book because I think it would be very interesting and a good read. Please enter me. Thanks!

  11. Enjoyed your review. I’ve seen this book and wondered about it. I’m always afraid that the dog dies at the end and I can’t handle that. Sounds like an inspiring story.

    Thoughts in Progress

  12. I would like the book because I write about dogs, live with dogs, and have received my own redemption through dogs. One of my dogs is licking me now, in fact, and the other is asleep at my feet.

  13. Here’s to my daughter’s dog, Wilma!

    Bill 😉

    billsmith2003 (at) gmail (dot) com

    Hope you’ll check out my book giveaway:

  14. I would love to win this book because any stories that have to do with dogs pull me in. Especially ones told from the dog’s POV.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    I tweeted
    email bangersis(at)msn(dot)com

  15. I’d like to enter your giveaway. I’m a cat-lover, but do enjoy books about d.o.g.s and other animals. Have you read any of Jon Katz’s books? Their hilarious and really good. I’m a subscriber to your blog and enjoy it very much.

    Thank you,


  16. Thanks for the engaging review. I can’t wait to read this wonderful story! I hope I win the book, but if not, I’ll ask our library to carry it.

  17. I am allowed to read books about dogs because two live here with all these cats. I really want to read this book so I just have to win it. (just kidding). I would like to win it. I will go Facebook it and Tweet it. Have a great day and thanks for the review. I might have to go buy this one. It sounds really good.

  18. I love it when you do book reviews! I would probably miss these titles without your input! 🙂

    I won’t tell my cats I’m reading a book about a d-o-g either! This sounds like a great story. And oddly enough, my blogging colleague, Dana, has a pit bull named Chance. I’ll have to tell her about this one for sure!

  19. I would love to win this book– it sounds extraordinary. One more lesson of the lessons our f-4-legged companions teach us. We must continue to share these messages and I truly believe it will ultimately change our world for the better. I’d love to review this book also and then post on my blog, etc.

    Barbara Techel
    Award winning author of the Frankie the Walk ‘N Roll Dog Book Series
    My passion is bringing a positive face and voice to animals with disabilities
    Frankie is Official Mascot for National Disabled Pets Day and
    Wisconsin Pet Hall of Fame Companion Dog

  20. Sounds like a great read! I will spread the word, especially to my “pitty” friends and fellow volunteers at the shelter! (Would love to have a copy to share!)

  21. Sounds like a great book, thanks for the review! I’d love to win a copy! I’ll Tweet it and put it on my Facebook page as well.

  22. I want to win this book because I have always wanted to have my own pet dog, but my mother doesn’t allow me to have one.

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