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Allegra with Neko Flies Kattipede

Interactive toys are a great way to keep your cats stimulated both mentally and physically, and a great way for both you and your cats to get in on the fun.

Interactive toys fall into two categories: toys that your cats can play with on their own, and toys that are designed for joint play for cat and human. I introduced you to Interactive Puzzle Toys for Smart Cats a couple of months ago.

Interactive toys provide fun for cat and human

Toys such as feather teasers,wand toys or fishing pole type toys can provide hours of fun for you and for kitty. Playing with your cat is not only fun, it also increases the bond between the two of you. Here are some of my, and Allegra and Ruby’s, favorites:


Da Bird interactive cat toy recommended by Jackson Galaxy

Allegra and Ruby adore their DaBird toy. If you’ve been watching My Cat From Hell, you’ve probably noticed that are very few episodes when the Da Bird toy hasn’t come out of Jackson’s guitar case. The toy mimics a bird in flight so perfectly, it drives cats nuts, and it’s a great way to get them really tired out!

Neko Flies

Allegra with Kiticatterfly

Neko Flies toys are a perennial favorite at our house. The attachments mimic critters cats might encounter in the wild. For someone like me, who is not fond of creepy crawlies, the likeness is almost a bit eerie at times!



This is no ordinary wand toy. For starters, the Cat-a-Pole is huge! The wand is about 4 feet long. It’s made from sturdy plastic. And here’s the best part: unlike other interactive toys, the Cat-A-Pole doesn’t use string to attach the toy. The pom pom toy with feathers is attached with a short, sturdy chain to a 40lb fishing line that runs inside the plastic tube. This clever design creates a completely unpredictable motion, and, unlike most other interactive toys, there is no string to get tangled up during play.

Go Cat Mouse


This is another paws down favorite at our house. The Go Cat Mouse features a cute little mouse attached to a flexible braided wire, which is connected to a 12″ glitter wand. Allegra and Ruby goes nuts for this one.

Do your cats have a favorite interactive toy?

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18 Comments on Best Interactive Cat Toys

  1. Great Article!!!!! Some of our kitties like toys like the little balls and mice and others don’t so I’m curious what they will think of some of these. Lola loves the fishing pole type toys so definitely will have to try the ones that you describe here.

  2. I have all of these and my cats love them all, but nothing gets all eight of them to play like a super-long peacock feather. I buy them in bulk and just toss them as they inevitably get destroyed.

  3. The Go Cat Mouse toy is a big favorite in our house. We have the Neko Flies and the Da Bird. All wonderful for our playtime fun! I alternate them so they never know what they will get.

  4. I have eight cats and Da Bird was my go-to until recently, when I bought the Go Cat Mouse. While four of my cats were regularly interested in Da Bird, every single one will go after the Go Cat Mouse. One of my cats has even started sitting under the cabinet where the toy is stored, hoping I’ll pull it out when I pass. I’ve thought about the Neko Flies but they’re quite a bit more expensive.

  5. i am looking for cat toys that hang from the door frame that has feathers and /or sparkily strips and thin strips that swing around.. my cat loves to sit there and floss his teeth while he is waiting for me to wake up and he also does it while i am going to sleep and then he goes to bed with my roomie.. we have not been able to find this type of cat toy.. i got these toys at Petsmart in Okla City about 7 years ago and my roomie had put them up when we moved here.. and he just adored them.. now that they are broken… we can NOT find anything like that here in this area of Ft.Mohave, Bull Head City, City.. i sure hope you can help..
    i would like to know about that filtration system for the 2 cats i have.. i did not see any prices for them.. can i get a catalog for cats and dogs.. i have a friend that has dogs too.. thank you for your wonderful t.v. show! cathy

  6. We LOVE Da Bird and Neko Flies! They are the best toys in our opinion. We’ve already killed a few Da Birds.

  7. Everyone loves Da Bird, although it took one of mine several play sessions before he got into it. They all take turns and go around a few turns before mom collapses! I’m sure any fling toy will be great I’ll buy some of the others you mentioned!

    Our game brought on by Marshmallow is SPRINGS. The living room is divided into cat time & dog time. Marshmallow spends all of cat time bringing all the springs into the living room. All of them play as we toss the springs around. Then mom cleans them all up when cat time is over. This process has taken place for over 3 months now. It has become our ritual!

    There was however the one time when mom missed a spring and the dog had it stuck in her front paw. She was hopping around waiting for me to remove it, but I was too busy laughing at that adorable sad face.

    • Allegra and Ruby love the spring toys, Becky! Allegra even blogged about then a while back:

  8. My cats LOVE Da Bird!! It’s the only toy that gets my over weight cat moving. I always recommend Da Bird when I am volunteering at our local SPCA (they carry it now in our Petique store because of Jackson!). It’s great for all ages of cats, and burns off some energy in young spunky cats. I think I may have to order the Neko flies!

  9. Oh we will definitely have to check some of these out. Some of our kitties like toys like the little balls and mice and others don’t so I’m curious what they will think of some of these. Saul loves the fishing pole type toys so definitely will have to try the ones that you describe here.

    Best regards,

    Tom Mary Beth and the furries.

  10. I agree with Neko Flies and Da Bird!!!! (I don’t know about the others!) Do you believe I hid Cody’s Da Bird so well (I didn’t want him to eat the feather) that I CAN’T FIND IT!!???? lol

  11. My cats agree with your first two choices. The Neko Flies toys are their current favorites. I hadn’t seen the Go Cat toy before. I think they would love that one too and will give it a try.

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