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I previously introduced you to the Basepaws Breed and Health DNA Test and their new Dental Health Kit. Now Basepaws is elevating feline genetic testing to a whole new level. Their Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) is the most comprehensive method for analyzing entire genomes. This test provides your cat’s complete, future-proof genetic information, yielding roughly 10,000 times more raw data than other DNA tests.

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How it works

Using the swab provided with the kit, you take a sample from the inside of your cat’s cheek and send it back to Basepaws in the vial provided with the kit. You’ll receive an email confirming receipt of the sample. Once their lab has run several quality checks on the sample, they will proceed with high-depth whole genome sequencing of the sample. The whole process takes about nine weeks.

After the WGS process is completed you will receive:

  • Your cat’s raw whole genome sequencing data on a secure thumb drive.
  • A variant file (.VCF file format) describing all found genomic variants.
  • Raw sequencing data (FASTQ format) representing at least 15X coverage of the genome.
  • A continuously updated online health and breed report.
  • A 1-hour consultation with Basepaws genetics advisor and cat coach.
  • Access to Basepaws’ bioinformatics team for any advice or support.

Additionally, you will be contributing to the advancement of feline genetics and ultimately contribute to improved health for all cats, since WGS delivers large volumes of genomic data contributing to the advancement of feline genetics and the discovery of new markers. This is true citizen science.

All your cat’s genomic data

Most commercially available DNA tests rely on a technology called DNA microarrays and typically decode only 0.01% – 0.02% of the genome. With Basepaws’ high-depth WGS, you will have access to ALL of your cat’s genomic data – a treasure trove for future discoveries as feline genetics progresses.

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