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I’m super excited to announce that Dr. Lynn Bahr will be taking over our Ask the Vet segment starting this month!

Dr. Bahr graduated from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine in 1991. Unlike most veterinarians, she did not grow up knowing that she would become a veterinarian. “It was a cat who got me interested in the practice and I am forever grateful to him,” said Dr. Bahr. She met Rudolph on July 4th, 1980 and her life was changed forever. “He was a unique kitty with an adorable pink nose—it was pale when he slept and then bright red after play. It was my love for Rudolph that inspired me to join the feline veterinary profession. Helping cats and their owners is how I honor his memory.”

Over the course of her veterinary career, Dr. Bahr found that the lifestyle of cats has changed dramatically. “In the beginning years of my practice, most cats resided primarily outdoors. This was good in terms of exercise, sunshine, and enrichment, but unfortunately I saw and treated many cases of infectious diseases, wounds and trauma. These days many cats live strictly indoors. This is good for keeping cats safe, and preventing many communicable diseases, but instead I now treat them for a myriad of behavioral and inflammatory conditions such as depression, cystitis, diabetes, and obesity – all conditions that can be attributed, at least to some extent, to their change in lifestyle.”

As the lifestyle of cats has changed, so did Dr. Bahr’s client education. In addition to finding medical solutions, she also encourages owners to enrich their home environments so that their cats can live long, happy, and healthy lives. “I always recommend that cats get exercise, fresh air, healthy food, lots of play, and sunshine. The key is to keep indoor cats stimulated both mentally and physically by bringing the outdoors inside.”

Dezi and Roo

This new understanding led Dr. Bahr to combine her passion for strengthening the human-animal bond with her veterinary background and knowledge of what animals need and want to start her own solution-based cat product company, Dezi & Roo, inspired by two cats of the same names.

For more information about Dezi & Roo and their unique and innovative cat toys, please visit their website.

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