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When I was approached by the makers of Almost Invisible Cat Litter, I was intrigued simply by the product name. I was also interested because this product is distributed by, the largest distributor of Anti-Icky-Poo (isn’t that a great name?!), which has been my ” go to” cleaner and odor remover for decades. I first started using Anti-Icky Poo when I managed a veterinary hospital, and believe me, we dealt with our share of icky odors and stains.

Since Allegra and Ruby have a bad track record when it comes to accepting alternative litters, I declined to review Almost Invisible Cat Litter, but I wanted to introduce you to this product.

Winner of Pet Product Industry News 2014 Editors Choice in the Litter Category, Almost Invisible Cat Litter is a new product that is designed to solve the three worst aspects of cat ownership: litter box odors, litter box cleaning and dust and litter material being tracked throughout the house. Almost Invisible Cat Litter is designed to eliminate all odors for as much as a month with only 1” of material in your litter pan.

Almost Invisible Cat Litter is a uniquely condensed silica gel that is totally unscented and has a texture and feel similar to natural sand. Cats tend to instinctively want to use this type of litter. It is super absorbent; liquids will not immediately seep down to the bottom of the tray where bacteria will start to grow. Each litter granule will neutralize the urine odors in 20-30 seconds and then hold up to 80% of their weight in moisture. The litter granules do not swell, turn into gummy bears or get sticky and get tracked all over the house. The minimal amount of litter material that does leave the litter tray will not roll or move far from the tray. Those particles can be easily vacuumed or swept up.

Almost Invisible Cat Litter is also virtually dust free. Not only is this healthier for you and your cats, your cats also won’t leave leave footprints in your house after using the box.

Daily maintenance of an Almost Invisible Litter tray is a breeze. Just scoop the solids daily and stir the pan. Additionally, you only need to change the entire pan every 3 to 4 weeks. That saves quite a bit of time and labor.

Almost Invisible Cat Litter is a non-toxic and environmentally sound product. The used litter can actually be used as a fertilizer for bushes and shrubs. Roses will thrive when given the used materials. Almost Invisible Cat Litter is not flushable – never flush any type of cat litter. If you dispose of your used cat litter in the trash, remember to use environmentally friendly biodegradable animal waste bags.


For more information about Almost Invisible Cat Litter and to purchase, please visit their website.

Good news for European cat guardians: Anti-Icky-Poo will be available in Europe starting January 15, 2015. Details are available at

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15 Comments on Almost Invisible Cat Litter Solves Litter Box Problems

  1. This looks too good to be true! I am in Belgium (Europe). It says above that you were opening a European website in 2015 but I see that this hasn’t happened. Is there any hope of getting this in Belgium or even the UK?

  2. Hi Sue,

    Thank you and we do indeed care. Please contact us at the office. I have an interesting idea to discuss with you.


  3. My cats are kind of picky with litter too but; I would at least give it try. I like the way they are addressing everyone’s concerns. That shows me they care.

  4. It’s a very interesting concept. Am I to understand it correctly that only solids are to be scooped? I’ve tried a litter with similar attributes before but had spotty results. It just never seemed “clean.” Like your cats, mine tend to be very litter-loyal.

    So very sorry to hear about Safepethaven’s heartbreaking experiences with cancer.

  5. Ingrid, I know their literature says that the litter can be composted and used in the garden, and some people do, but I do not and it’s highly recommended against it. And if someone chooses to, there are far more precautions than this manufacturer outlines.

    The possibility of toxoplasma gondii is the first consideration, and while our indoor cats transmitting that into our garden is unlikely, it’s not impossible. Even still, people need to be absolutely scrupulous in cleaning the box, and if their cat goes outside, even into the yard, or if there is a chance they ever consume a rodent who is a carrier, as mine do, and many others’ cats as well.

    It’s also recommended that the litter be composted prior to use in the garden so that the baking heat inside the compost heap can kill any other pathogens that might be living in it, and also break down the ammonia from urine into nitrogen in various ways to a form plants can metabolize, else the ammonia will burn whatever living thing it touches. Only soil bacteria can do this.

    If cat litter is to be composted, it must be composted in its own pile to prevent contaminating compost used on food crops.

    And finally, it must be stressed that even the compost from cat litter can only be used on ornamentals, never on food, and not even “upstream” of food crops because any possible pathogens could wash into a garden from elsewhere in the yard.

    Even though this silica gel litter will not actually break down, it should be composted to kill off pathogens and also come in contact with soil to nitrify the ammonia. It should never be put directly on a growing area, food or not.

    • Bernadette,

      Your comments are very insightful and thought provoking. Our litter can be put in to a bag (preferably a BioBag) and deposited in the trash or used as fertilizer for bushes and shrubs. We have never and will never advocate using our used cat litter fertilizer for any foods. Additionally, we have buried used Almost Invisible Cat litter in our own backyard rose garden and determined that those samples biodegraded in 6 – 9 months.

  6. Carmine and Milita weren’t interested in the one alternative litter I tried with them, so I’m not sure they’d go for this one, either. It sounds like a great product for cats who will go for these kinds of litters, though.

    • It is always a good idea to introduce a new litter with an extra pan. Almost Invisble Cat Litter has a particle size slightly large than Sand and it is totally unscented. This is the type of material cats instinctively want to use. We estimate that over 90% of the cats that try our litter will use our Litter.

  7. Just curious — if it’s so “non-toxic” for the cats to get on their paws & coat, then groom themselves (e.g., ingest the silica gel powder), why are there such stern warnings on those humidity control packets of the very same chemical — silica gel — warning us to not eat it. It’s placed in packaged foods, shoes, & purses [to control humidity/mold etc]. My father dealt with silica gel as part of his career at a chemical manufacturing plant, in N. Central IL, dating back to 1958; that plant is still in operation today. He also brought home [on his work boots & in the fibers of his work uniform] all kinds of toxins that we were not informed about until decades following the death of my mother at age 46, and my having cancer at age 10 [then 3 more times over the next 50 yrs, incl ovarian at 28].

    How many decades did it take for the truth to be exposed about asbestos? And all the VietNam era military who were exposed to Agent Orange [aka dioxin, a lethal herbicide & defoliant].

    We are much too complacent about letting “others” decide what is safe and what isn’t. As a former research chemist myself, I do not fall for old wives’ tales nor scare tactics. I want transparency and full disclosure.

    I have not used the “Litter Pearls” silica gel pellets for many years after 1 & only 1 trial, for exactly my same concerns.

    And not one of these genius litter products has ever addressed the issues when used in a multi-cat (as in more than 2 or 3) household, ESPECIALLY the expense factor. None are inexpensive.

    I truly wish there were a real-world, zero-toxicity, affordable product that was as equally environmentally non-toxic/impacting as well.

    • As a member of a family that has been impacted by cancer, I sympathize with you and your families experience with that dreadful disease.

      There are there are two types of Silica Gels: Crystalline Silica and Amorphous. Dust from crystalline silica is known to cause Silicosis. Almost Invisible Cat Litter is amorphous and it is also indurated. Almost Invisible Cat Litter has virtually no dust and does not cause silicosis.

      Almost Invisible Cat Litter is currently being used in numerous multi-cat households with great success. Our product is being used and endorsed by at least 5 International Cat Show Association Judges, 1 Cat Fancier’s Association Judge, 3 Cat Show Organizers, animal care professionals and dozens of championship breeders. These cat “experts” are aware of every product on the market, the product and safety info etc., and they are choosing to endorse Almost Invisible Cat Litter. The names and websites of these happy customers will be published in January.

      The initial safety tests for our product was performed by a prominent California cat-only veterinarian in 2004 & 2005, I cannot mention her name by contract, but she is still using this type of product with her own cats and recommending it to her customers.
      For more information, please go to www. Almost Invisible Cat Litter.Com or email us at [email protected]

    • Safepethaven, have you tried the safflower seed litter? Note that I have not tried it and am not involved with it. Provided you can get your cats to use it it appears to be pretty non toxic. My fear is that my guys would not use it.

    • Our product is a new type of Silica Gel. It is not just freshness packets in the litter tray. The cost of use of our product will not exceed $9.10 per cat per month. The average person spends $14.33 per cat per month. A Prius is more than twice as expensive as a Nissan Murano, but if you drive a lot, the cost of ownership is less for the Prius. It is the same concept for Almost Invisible Cat Litter.

      The majority of our customers are multi-cat household and we receive universal reports of cost effectiveness and labor savings that are staggering. Just scoop and stir every day and never worry about footprints in your house. Changing the litter boxes once every 3 – 4 weeks can’t be worse than changing those trays 2 or 3 times a month.

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