Since the girls spend a fair amount of time on the computer, it’s inevitable that they find things they like during their online travels, but nothing matched the commotion I heard coming from my office when they came across the Cattemporary Cat Castle™ from The Refined Feline. But why don’t I let them tell you.


Ruby: Allegra, look at this cool castle!

Allegra: I see it, Ruby. It would make a fun toy for us, wouldn’t it?

Ruby: It would be AWESOME! I could climb all the way to the top and look down on you!

Allegra: And I could sleep inside and have some peace and quiet from you.

Ruby: I would find you! You’re not that good at hiding!

Allegra: And you know what Ruby? I think Mom would really like this, because it’s such a pretty color and design.

Ruby: You’re right, Allegra! We should tell Mom that we want it because we know she would like it! I bet that would make her get it for us!

Ingrid: Girls? What are you up to?

Both: Mom, mom! Check out this cat castle? Can we have it? Purrreeze, pletty purreeze!

Ingrid: We’ll see. It sure is adorable.

Allegra (whispers to Ruby): She likes it. That’s a very good sign…

Ruby: I would look so cute inside the castle….

The Catemporary Cat Castle™ comes in two sizes. For more information, visit The Refined Feline. The girls have been very good all year, so I may have to have a chat with Santa about this castle.

Do you think your kitties would like this?