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I always have several journals on hand for writing whenever the mood strikes me. Writing something out by hand can often be more powerful than typing on the computer. When I got ready to journal on New Year’s Eve, I pulled out the journal shown above. I’ve had this particular journal for several years, and every time I use it, the cover just makes my heart sing.

Created by artist Tracy Mello, the cover was inspired by the idea that a cat could take care of his or her human companion just as well as the human takes care of the cat. “Friends sharing a journey,” as Tracy writes in the description of the journal.


The journal contains 120 lined, beautifully designed writing pages to provide plenty of space to write down your reflections, ideas and feelings. The glossy soft cover really makes the art pop. The compact 5×8 inch size makes it easy to carry with you if you wish to do so.


The image of the woman being cradled and protected by the cat makes me think of all the torties in my life who have gone before, and who I know are watching over me in Spirit.

The journal is available from Etsy.

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  1. Wow, really stunning colors on the cover drawing, plenty of space to write down thoughts, reflections & the daily stuff. Would love to own one of those.

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