I came across the Kickstarter campaign for A Cat Never Tells on Facebook a few days ago, and knew from the moment I first saw the project that I wanted to share it with you. Created by Southern California artist Laura Seeley, this beautiful coffee table gift book goes straight for the heart.


In celebration of the love a woman has for her cat, the reader is invited to witness events of the life they share together. But one day the mood shifts… when the cat goes missing. In her profound sadness, the distraught woman wonders where her beloved pet could be. Laura’s lyrical story, filled with beautiful memories, a little humor, and a favorite toy mouse, taps into a full range of emotions.


The full color illustrations are stunning and heart touching. The book takes the reader on a visual and emotional journey of fond recollections and magical imaginings.


The Kickstarter does not contain any spoilers, so we’ll have to wait for the book to come out to know how the story ends.

I can’t wait to see this project come to fruition.

You can pre-order A Cat Never Tells, and support the project, by visiting Kickstarter.


Laura Seeley has written and illustrated award-winning picture and gift books, including a NY Times best seller. Her art has won American awards. Genres in her works range from whimsy, abstracts & surrealism to figurative & animals, specifically highlighting the cat. She often supports animal causes & rescues. Her work has been represented by galleries in San Francisco, New Orleans, San Diego, Laguna Beach, Manhattan Beach and Carlsbad. Her cat art was selected for posters and catalog covers for The Cat Fanciers‘ Association and The International Cat Association, as well as for the latter’s yearbook cover. Each summer, her art is displayed at Laguna Beach’s summer fairs, Festival of Arts and Laguna Art-A-Fair. A native of Andover, Massachusetts, Laura currently she lives in Dana Point,CA, where she owns and works at Laura Seeley Studio and Best Friends Art Gallery.

For more about Laura and her art, please visit her website. You can also find Laura on Facebook.

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  1. I just pledged $30 (book plus shipping) to kick-starter for Laura’s book. Praying for a happy ending!!!

  2. I understand “no spoilers,” but at my age, I’m not buying a book where the cat doesn’t make it safely home.

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