Even though Ruby has been gone more than two years after being diagnosed with advanced kidney disease, I still miss my little girl so much, it actually feels like a physical ache sometimes. I’m grateful I have eight years of Ruby’s Reflections on this site to comfort me and remind me of some of the cute things she did when the pain hits, and I love sharing the memories with you.

Today’s memory goes back to September of 2018. My friend K. was one of Ruby’s favorite people, and Ruby loved it when she came over for our regular dinner and a movie nights. But that time, Ruby got herself into a bit of trouble when she got a little too enthusiastic about showing her affection for K.


Read Ruby and the Dinner Guest for the full story.


5 Comments on Remembering Ruby: That Time When We Had a Dinner Guest

  1. Oh Ruby, you were such a social butterfly and just wanted to be part of the party. I’m sure you are up in heaven on the welcoming committee. So wonderful to have such great memories of our fur babies.

  2. A wonderful story. Animals are underestimated by many people but I think they’re just the best companions and so intelligent. I’m so sorry for your loss. Ruby knew she was loved and that is so important.

  3. Oh no. Poor K and Ruby. We have an embarrassing story about Nani’s bad manners. My mother-in-law was over for lunch once and we had steak. Nani loved steak. She actually hopped up on the table (where we were eating) and snatched a piece of meat off my plate. She gobbled it down as she was running away, only to throw it up a couple feet from the table. Needless to say, my mother-in-law was not impressed. LOL!

  4. You will always missed Ruby! Ms. Ruby is in your heart and memory forever. The same as all my precious babies who have passed. That is becaused we loved them and they loved you!

  5. What a lovely photo of your beloved Ruby curled up on the cushion, after the ‘tea spilling incident.’ It’s as if she’s saying “oops, didn’t mean for that to happen.”

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