Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! Mom said I could make an announcement today! How cool is that – I get to be Mom’s spokescat! That’s an important job, and I take it very seriously.

Anyway, what she wanted me to tell you is that our weekly Saturday feature, Mews and Nips, will be taking a break over the summer. Mom has been so busy lately, not just with keeping up with everything on The Conscious Cat, but also with her Reiki clients, and I’m worried about her working too hard. And all of this is really cutting into the time she has left to spend with me! Of course I nap (I mean assist!) in her office while she works, so I am with her all day long, but she still needs to have time to play with me and most importantly, to just quietly sit with me and relax like a cat!

So she and I decided that she’s going to cut back just a little bit, and the Mews and Nips column seemed like the best place, since it’s mostly a recap of the week’s post, and most of you read those every day anyway.

Mom wanted to be sure that I tell you that all the other content you’ve come to love and rely on on The Conscious Cat is going to keep coming every day: the posts about feline health, nutrition and behavior, the product features and reviews (my favorite part!) and the Sunday Quotes will all continue.

So how did I do? Did I do a good  job as spokescat?

And now I’m going to see if I can convince Mom to lounge in the sun with me. She needs to do more lounging and less working!

16 Comments on Mews and Nips Is Taking A Summer Break

  1. Allegra, I was wondering if you might consider putting your secretarial services out for hire; your communication skills are just out of cat world! Think about it, and check back with me, when you aren’t so busy.
    And by the way, would you mind relaying a message to your mom; ‘I had no idea, Ingrid that you were into Reiki.’ thanks Allegra.

  2. Allegra, congratulations on the great job you did as Spokescat! Just perfect! Mom needs a well deserved break on Saturdays..Keep after her to make sure she takes a que from you, and relaxes..

  3. Well done, Allegra! I’m glad your mom is busy with good things. Sometimes you have to pause something you love knowing you will come back to it in the future.

  4. You are a wonderful spokescat Allegra! Thank you for helping your Mom & setting such a good example for her. Nap, rest, relax, repeat❣️ Enjoy your summer schedule

  5. Well said Allegra.
    You and your mom have come up with an excellent plan moving forward into the summer.
    Enjoy the sunbeams you two:)

  6. Allegra you did a great job. It’s important to take time to rest every day and your Mom deserves it. Happy snuggling with her during your down time!

  7. Allegra, you tell your mom good job for knowing she needed a break and for taking care of herself. She’s right, I read her posts daily 🙂

  8. Great job Allegra! If I ever need a spokes cat; I will hire you! Enjoy your time with mom and stay cool. Maybe mom can do some reiki on you as well!

  9. Allegra, you are a fantastic spokescat. And indeed, work and no play is the wrong way of living. Something you can teach and remind your mum again. Always make sure you are looked after first, before you can help others (you not included, as you belong to mum and vice versa, and you look after each other). Now go and stretch in the sun, and try not to sweat too much through your paws and other parts, otherwise you take the whole garden with you in the house! This goes for your mum too.

  10. Allegra, you are an awesome spokescat. We’re happy your mom’s reiki business is doing so well and happy she has chosen to spend her free time with you.

    • You did excellent! Yes, it is important to take time for “family”! Trying to do too much can be bad fir your mom’s health. Take the summer off like many people, and get your MOJO back on.

  11. Allegra, you did great. And we’re so glad that your mom gets a little more time to play with you. She works so hard to pay for those tuna cakes!

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