Like so many restaurants, the Diorama restaurant in Osaka, Japan owned by Naoki Teraoka, a railway model enthusiast, was hit hard by the pandemic and almost had to close altogether when he rescued a 10-day old kitten that started hanging around his restaurant. A few days later, the kitten’s mother showed up, followed by three more kittens. Naoki took in the entire family. When the cats started lounging among the miniature railroad sets, customers took notice, and now, there are 14 cats at the restaurant that keep diners company. Visit Bored Panda for wonderful photos of the cats in the restaurant.

If you missed any of the stories featured on the Conscious Cat this week, here’s a recap: on Monday, we discussed the importance of playtime for cats, on Tuesday, we reviewed the Nuzzle luxury cat bed from Tuft + Paw, on Wednesday, I shared a Ruby memory, on Thursday, I talked about environmental enrichment, and on Friday, I reviewed Where They Purr: Inspirational Interior and the Cats Who Call Them Home.

Today’s video of a very smart kitty cracked me up – enjoy!

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3 Comments on Mews and Nips: Stray Cats Saved a Restaurant During the Pandemic

  1. A while back I saw a video so this…..was quite long and it showed the cats in action and also the people eating there with the cats strolling to their tables.
    And the cats in the kitchen helping out.
    I tried finding the link for it, but had no luck

  2. So wonderful to see cats being saved and pampered. It is nice that they can be adopted out.
    The smart kitty video is so cute! What a smartie!

  3. This is a cute story. Both, the restaurant owners and the cats win in this situation. And, lets not forget the big smiles the customers will have from seeing the cats lounging on the train set.

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