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Our friends at Cat Amazing know cats. They created the super fun Cat Amazing puzzle toy and the Cat Amazing EPIC! puzzle, two of the best puzzle toys I’ve seen. And now they’ve created a fantastic guide for keeping indoor cats happy and healthy, and it’s completely free!

This 22-page guide is beautifully illustrated and covers play, climbing, hiding, scratching and so much more. It will help you understand your cat even better, and it will guide you to use that understanding to create the best possible environment for your cats.

Optimize your space

Learn about providing vertical space, what to look for in a cat tree, how to safely provide outdoor access, and more.


Behavior solutions

The guide takes a deep dive into feline behavior to help you understand your cat’s instincts and behaviors and offers solutions for your cat’s specific needs.

Safety tips

The guide addresses toy safety, which toys are good for your cat’s mental health and which aren’t, and more.

Hi-tech or hyped tech

The guide takes a close look at electronic toys, providing insights into anything from drones to vibrating fish to screen time.

Unbiased recommendations

The guide offers recommendations for which products are must-haves, which products you should avoid, and everything in between.

Even seasoned cat parents will learn something from this comprehensive guide, and it’s completely free!

Get your free guide

Visit https://catamazing.com/pages/guide to claim your guide.

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4 Comments on Keeping Kitty Happy: The Ultimate Guide to Indoor Enrichment

  1. Once upon a time, 1969 or ’70, a neighbor was giving away kittens. I brought one home. I could see that she needed an anti-flea treatment. I knew almost nothing else about what she needed. Now, I feel guilty about the life I gave her. She was well fed, and we played fetch with her as long as she wanted, but … . I wish I had been able to find something like this.

    • Back then, none of us knew about environmental enrichment. We all did the best we knew how to at the time, and our cats were loved. We’ve come along way since then in understanding cats’ needs, haven’t we?

  2. Thanks Ingrid!
    Just downloaded the booklet and will go thru it. I’ll see what Tasha doesn’t have already.

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