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On Monday, I featured my choices for the 10 best cat products of 2021. It can be challenging to pick just one product out of all the products I receive for review every year.

This year, the choice was easy. My choice for the 2021 Best Cat Product of the Year is:

Cat Ladder Feline Furniture


Back in June, we received a custom made cat ladder to replace an ancient carpeted cat tree, and the ladder is not only Allegra-approved, it looks absolutely beautiful in my dining room.


These thoughtfully designed ladders come in six different sizes, with three to eight steps. They come in six different wood finishes and are also available unfinished. You also have a choice of three different carpet colors as well as a sisal covering. The carpet pads attach with velcro strips and can be easily replaced if needed. The steps come in two different widths.


Every Cat Ladder is made to order. From the hand selection of the wood components all the way to the thoughtful details in their packaging and instructions, creator Joe Koziol and his partner Damon Knopf take pride in the care that goes into each ladder.


Because our ladder had to fit a specific space, Joe and Damon went back and forth with me several times until we had found the perfect solution.

The Cat Ladder addresses cats’ need for vertical space in a way that’s creative, functional, and beautiful – and most of all, it lends itself to endless possibilities in any home of any size.

For more information about the Cat Ladder, please visit their website. You can also purchase the ladders from the Cat Ladder Etsy Shop.

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5 Comments on 2021 Cat Product of the Year

  1. Thanks for reminding me. I think my Rosie would love one of these… I thought about where to put it and gave up. Now I’m going to try again; Rosie is spending a lot more time indoors.

  2. Did Allegra figure out how to use the steps pretty easily? When Pono was alive, we tried pet steps to help him get up on the counters in the kitchen (he loved drinking water out of the sink), but he never figured out they were there to help him.

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