Month: September 2021

Paint My Pooch Premium Custom Pet Portraits (2023 Review)


I almost deleted the pitch to feature Paint My Pooch without reading it, because, well, pooch. But I’m glad I took a closer look, because these digital pet portraits are super cute!

Paint My Pooch will turn your favorite photo into a beautiful art print in a few simple steps.Continue Reading

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Ask the Cat Doc: Managing Pain, Dark Spot Above Nose, Fungal Infection and More


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Welcome to our regular “Ask the Cat Doc With Dr. Lynn Bahr” segment! Once a month, Dr. Bahr answers as many of your questions as she can, and you can leave new questions for her in a comment.Continue Reading

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Mews and Nips: Video Shows Cat Sensing Earthquake Before it Happened


We’ve all heard stories of animals sensing earthquakes long before the first tremors are felt by humans. A Melbourne, Victoria woman happened to be taking video of her cat playing with a toy moments before an earthquake struck. The video shows the cat playing, pausing, and even going to stand underneath the doorway, which is said to be the safest place to be in a quake. For more about the kitty and the video, visit

If you missed any of the stories featured on the Conscious Cat this week, here’s a recap:Continue Reading

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Stained Glass Cat Suncatchers


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Aren’t you glad that I was shopping on Etsy again, because otherwise you might not know about these gorgeous stained glass suncatchers! Aren’t they stunning? I love how the artist designed them so it looks like the cat is peeking into your window.Continue Reading

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Remember Me Thursday: Help Others #SeeTheLight for Pet Adoption


Founded by the Helen Woodward Animal Center, the goal of Remember Me Thursday® is to get the entire world talking about pet adoption, and Allegra and I are helping to spread the word. The day is meant to remember and honor the 1+ million orphan pets who ran out of time, and to help people #SeeTheLight for the rescues that we can still help.Continue Reading

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A Tender Passing: In-Home Euthanasia Provides Comfort and Peace


Making a decision about whether it’s time to let a beloved cat go is one of the hardest things any cat parent will have to go through. The fact that most cats get so stressed when having to go to the vet clinic makes the decision even harder. Having the euthanasia performed in the comfort of your home can make saying goodbye a more peaceful experience for both cat and human.Continue Reading

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Review: Hepper Nest Bed


Allegra is always up for reviewing a new bed. Even though she sleeps with me on my bed at night, she likes having multiple cat beds scattered around the house for a variety of napping spots. She was ready to put the Hepper Nest Bed to the test!Continue Reading

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The Holistic Vet Blend Cookbook (2023 Review)


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When it comes to nutrition, the same is true for cats as for people: whole, unprocessed or minimally processed food is better. The optimal diet for a cat is a properly balanced raw or gently cooked diet. Even though conventional veterinarians caution against making your own food, with the appropriate recipe and ingredients, homemade food can be a viable option for cat parents who prefer this to a commercial diet.Continue Reading

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Hauspanther Toy of the Month Club


Hauspanther makes some of the best cat toys on the market, and now you and your cats can enjoy new toys every month when you join their new Toy of the Month Club! Continue Reading

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When it Comes to Your Cat’s Litter Box, Simple is Better


After receiving and turning down the umpteenth pitch to feature or review yet another “innovative” litter box, I feel compelled to share my views on litter boxes, which is pretty much summed up in the headline of this article: simple is (usually) better!

Most of the new litter boxes are designed to either make cleaning the litter box easier, or to hide the litter box. Neither of these two reasons have anything to do with what cats want or need, and everything to do with human sensibilities. Continue Reading

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