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When these gorgeous bracelets popped up on a recent “tortoiseshell cat” search on Etsy, my jaw dropped. I love bracelets, and I also love gemstones. I was excited just to share this tortie bracelet with you, and then I explored the artist’s entire Etsy shop, and found cat bracelets in all sorts of colors!

The bracelets are handmade from genuine gemstones with a strong, very sturdy quality stretch cord, and 8mm beads. The standard size is 6.5 inches long and fits a 6 inch wrist. Contact Monique if you need a different size.


The tortie bracelet is made from Agate, which is a soothing and calming stone that heals inner anger and anxiety and instills security and safety. A purrfect stone for these challenging times, right?


The black cat bracelet is made from Onyx, a stone that represents strength and helps with grounding.

Please visit MoDeeCraft on Etsy to see more of these gorgeous bracelets and to purchase.

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5 Comments on Gemstone Cat Bracelets

  1. That bracelet is beautiful!! I am going to hold onto this blog post and look at it in more depth tomorrow when our barking, manic, crazy dog is at daycare. I can’t concentrate right now lol. But I AM going to look at this again tomorrow!

  2. Ingrid,

    Love when you shop! Another good find I will have to check into. I too, love bracelets.

    Maybe, Allegra will want a bracelet/necklace?


  3. So clever and so pretty. One can wear a bracelet matching each of kitty every day and keep them close to you when you are away at work.

  4. Love how she captures the colors and “pursonality” of the cat breeds. Now we can wear more than cat fur when we go out.

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